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Desert Naturals Dawn Goehring

Learn how to replace common beauty, cleaning, and health products in your home with DIY’s using doTERRA Essential Oils.

Natural Living with Essential Oils Made Easy.

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Dawn Goehring with my boys

Hi! I’m Dawn.

I am a wife, mom, desert dweller, and essential oil convert!  Essential Oils made a HUGE difference in the quality of my son’s life and they can make a difference in yours.

Join me to learn how to replace common products in your home with all natural versions. I love to DIY and use my essential oils for homemade beauty products, cleaning products, and non toxic versions of everything.


Dawn Goehring and family at the beach

A Little About Me

I have always been interested in living as naturally as possible by using chemical free personal care products and eating only healthy, organic foods.

When I discovered how well essential oils helped my son when he was struggling with a serious respiratory issue, I was ecstatic. None of the traditional medications we were using were supporting him the way I wanted, and I didn’t like the side effects they were causing.

Essential Oils not only turned around his health, but they were a perfect compliment to our natural lifestyle in every aspect. We started use them for everything! I am now committed to sharing their health benefits with as many people as possible.

I’ve learned to DIY pretty much everything and use all natural, non toxic versions of common household products. Join me to learn how to do it! I love to share yummy diffuser blends to replace candles, and easy DIY’s, plus education about how to use essential oils.

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