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Holistic Living and Natural Remedies with Essential Oils

Welcome! I’m Dawn Goehring, your guide to holistic health and wellness. I’m dedicated to empowering women to be happier and healthier though holistic living using essential oils and natural remedies. I offer articles, courses, and eBooks, to help you learn how to reduce toxins in your home and lifestyle, and embrace a healthier, more natural way of living.

Empower Yourself with Essential Oil Education

I have a wealth of online articles to help you learn how to use essential oils and natural remedies, including lots of DIY Beauty recipes, DIY Cleaning Recipes, Essential Oil Spotlights, and more.

Essential Oil Storage, Courses, eBooks, & Clothing

You can buy several different accessories and tools related to essential oils including my custom designed Essential Oil Storage, Courses, eBooks, planners and journals.

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What Others Are Saying

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Dawn is full of helpful information. I can always ask her for help and she so knowledgeable about what i can use.
She is always willing to help and goes beyond to help me.
She checks on me to see if the products she suggested were helpful and to see if there is anything else she can help with. You can tell she is passionate about essential oils and the help she is giving.

— Sandy R.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I have extensive training and knowledge about the chemistry and quality of essential oils.

My qualifications:

I have an aromatherapy degree, and I am a certified doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist.

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As a certified doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist, I’ve received extensive training on the properties of essential oils, and I can help you find the best oils for your specific needs. Fee free to ask me for help choosing an oil

I have a certified doTERRA Shop, which means doTERRA has approved me to sell their products. If someone is selling doTERRA and doesn’t have this seal, they have not been vetted and approved by doTERRA.

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Why is this important?

As a certified doTERRA site, you can be confident knowing you are getting real doTERRA products – not adulterated or diluted as is often the case when you purchase from 3rd party sites (yep – even Amazon, eBay, and other large sites). You won’t get that guarantee anywhere else – especially on Amazon. (doTERRA does not approve anyone to sell on Amazon).

You can CLICK HERE TO VERIFY I am a doTERRA certified shop

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I have been featured in large publications such as:

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More About Me & How I got started using essential oils

We Use Essential Oils for Everything!

Can you believe I used to think essential oils were a bunch of nonsense and wanted nothing to do with them?!

About 10 years ago, I decided to try a small sample of Breathe Essential Oil out of desperation for my son, who was having severe difficulties managing a common respiratory ailment when he was 4 years old.

That little sample changed our lives. It worked wonders for his breathing which improved his overall quality of life!

Then I discovered I could use oils for helping me sleep at night (chronic insomniac here), pollen related runny noses and sneezing, and so much more!

I have helped hundreds of people replace common every day products with natural remedies and holistic lifestyle changes.

I hope you can find some value on my website. Take advantage of the free articles in my blog, and my many resources to help you live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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Happy Customers


Dawn has helped me change my way of thinking and remove so many toxic products from my life. I feel so much better about the products my family is now using.

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Dawn is very knowledgable and helpful. Always available to answer my questions and provide recommendations.

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Mark F.

These essential roller holders are perfect for what I need. And super cute!

Testimonial 3

Brittany F.

Great oil bottle holder. Looks beautiful beside my diffuser

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Kristina J.

Our Products

Explore our offers for ways you can enhance your essential oil knowledge and get the most out of your essential oils

Essential Oil Storage Solutions

We design and make custom essential oil storage solutions to organize your bottles and rollers.

Whether you need displays for classes or vendor booths, or simply need to organize your nightstand or counter, we have designs to fit your needs.

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Online, self paced courses to help you learn how to switch to natural remedies, and learn to use your oils for everyday needs including self care, stress & sleep, gardening, cleaning, pets, and more.

Holistic Living Made Easy Course

Essential Oil Planners, Trackers, and eBooks

Inventory Trackers, digital and printable essential oil journals, and eBooks

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