Peppermitn essential oil can soothe and cool a sunburn
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Passion Turned Into Profession…

I’m super passionate (that’s really just a nice way of saying obsessed) about essential oils and have turned that into helping others incorporate them into their lives so they can live a healthier lifestyle. Everyone knows me as the crazy oil girl and have come to expect me to pull an oil out for everything.

Nothing is more rewarding that hearing someone tell me they have finally found relief for something they have been struggling with.

I have been using essential oils for myself and my family for years

I use essential oils for everything! I used to think they were ridiculous nonsense until I experienced an overnight success using them for my son’s respiratory condition, and then to help me finally get a decent night’s sleep. So, I’m here to share a bit of my passion with you!

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This bottle of Breathe changed our lives.

My son went from struggling with a massive amount of over the counter and prescription medications, skipping school and youth sports, to living an active, healthy lifestyle. 

If you are struggling to live your life to it’s fullest potential, I encourage you to make a change!

doTERRA Breathe Touch Essential Oil Roller in woman's hands

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