About - doTERRA Essential Oils - Dawn Goehring Desert Naturals

Allow me to introduce myself!

​I am a wife and mom to two crazy boys that have given me an entirely different view of life.  One that I never dreamed.  My husband and I met when I was 21.  We eventually got married, and are celebrating 14 years together!

In my previous life before kids,  I was a computer programmer living the corporate life.  I have a B.S. degree in Management Information Systems, and  minor in computer science.  I loved what I did, but I did not like the corporate lifestyle at all.  I was constantly stressed out to the max, and felt like I was going nowhere.  

Becoming a Desert Dweller

When we had kids, we decided to move out to the desert where my husband already worked, which happened to be in the Southern California desert.  Not my first choice of locations! However, this allowed me to be able to stay home with our kids, which was really important to both of us.  Talk about stressful - going from two really good incomes, to only 1.  ​But we made it work.  And, now, that I have found a way to supplement our income, things couldn't be better!

I used to think essential oils were a bunch of hippy nonsense! Even though I considered myself a fairly “crunchy” mom. We ate organic when possible, I used green cleaners, used all natural diapers and wipes on my babies, you get the idea. My friends all thought I was a bit extreme. But a lack of knowledge and education made me think essential oils were nonsense. I now realize how wrong I was.

I was So Frustrated...

Several years ago my youngest son, then 4, was struggling with some serious health issues. He was taking several daily medications for a severe respiratory issue that we were told wouldn’t go away. He was going to have to learn to manage it. He was on at least 4 daily medications, and occasionally needed a heavy duty steroid. But I didn’t like what these were doing to my little boy because there were side effects that neither of us was happy with. He was having to stay home from school, couldn’t play sports, and was missing out on a lot in life.

How I found Essential Oils

Another preschool mom was constantly urging me to try essential oils. I kept resisting, but I was finally so frustrated with all of the side effects from his medications, so I gave in. I tried a few samples that she gave me, and guess what? I was sold overnight! I immediately bought a full bottle of the sample she gave me, as well as asked her to make me a roller. Then, I bought an intro kit. Things snowballed from there, and pretty soon they were taking over my everyday life.

I now use essential oils for EVERYTHING! Cleaning, daily vitamins, first aid, emotional support, laundry, you name it. I love that they are all natural, no preservatives, no additives, and rarely any side effects. I still use medications when necessary, but essential oils are my first line of defense these days.

Join me and let me empower you with safe, natural alternatives!