image of pumpkin with diffuser inside it and doterra essential oils

Want to have a spooky looking Halloween Pumpkin without the expensive smoke machine that isn’t very healthy?

Here’s a fun and easy way to make your pumpkin look like it has smoke coming out of it.

Simply set a diffuser inside the pumpkin. I recommend using one that has a colored light setting for maximum spooky effect. Most diffusers do have a light and some have different colored light options and will even automatically rotate through those colors.

You can put your diffuser on a small towel or the lid to a reusable container or something similar so that it doesn’t get pumpkin on the bottom of it.

Just poke a hole in the back of the pumpkin for the power cord of the diffuser and you’re all set!

Spooky Halloween Diffuser Jacko-lantern directions

To make your diffuser Jack-o-lantern:

  1. Carve your pumpkin as usual
  2. In the back of the pumpkin, carve a small hole for the power cord of your diffuser
  3. In the bottom of your pumpkin, place a small towel or plate or whatever you have that will work. This is to set your diffuser on so it doesn’t get pumpkiny on the bottom of it.
  4. Run the power cord of your diffuser through the hole in the back of the pumpkin and plug it in to a power strip.
  5. Add water and your oils to your diffuser (see below for Halloween diffuser blend ideas).
  6. Turn it on and set it to whichever color you want or set it to rotate through all the colors (my favorite setting!)
  7. At this point, pull up the power cord from inside the pumpkin and plug it into your diffuser.
  8. Gently set the diffuser into your pumpkin, and wait for the mist to build up and give you that smokey effect!
  9. Your trick or treaters will love the effect and the yummy scent of the oils!

Here’s a few different ideas with different colored lights.

Halloween Diffuser Blends to use in your Diffuser Jacko-lantern Pumpkin

Here’s some fun spooky diffuser blend ideas for you to use in your diffuser pumpkin

Make Your Own Magic Halloween Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Make Your Own Magic Diffuser Blend

Trick or Treat essential oil diffuser blend

Trick or Treat Diffuser Blend

Happy Halloween essential oil diffuser blend

Happy Halloween Diffuser Blend

I put a spell on you essential oil diffuser blend

I Put A Spell On You Diffuser Blend

Hocus Pocus diffuser blend

Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus Diffuser Blend

You may also like these Essential Oil Diffuser Blends:

Share your pictures of your own Halloween Diffuser Jack-o-Lanterns in the comments!! I love to see your creations!!

image of halloween pumpkin with diffuser inside it and doterra essential oils

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