doTERRA Essential Oil Business Planner


The doTERRA Business Binder has 64 printable pages to help you get laser focused on the essential income producing activities, plan and track your rank goals, Earn your Power of 3 Bonus, use the sample tracker to follow up with leads, use the class sign up sheet to follow up with class attendees, keep track of your enrollees and members,  plan your classes and save time with the social media content planner.

Everything you need to get organized and succeed in your doTERRA business.  If you are looking to start or grow your essential oil business, look no further!

doTERRA Business Planner for doTERRA Wellness Advocates.


Everything you need to succeed in your business.

When you use these pages to plan and organize, you will find yourself with more time and will be laser focused on the actual income producing activities. 

  • Power of 3 Bonus Builder
  • 100 Names List and Contact Tracker
  • Sample Tracker
  • Customer Avatar worksheet
  • Weekly Class Planner
  • Team Member Information Page
  • Income Producing Activities Daily Checklist to keep you on track
  • Monthly Planner with a motivational quote of the month
  • Daily Agenda
  • Social Media Content Planner (daily, monthly, by platform)
  • Yearly Promotion Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Self Development Book List
  • Reading List
  • Password Tracker
  • Expenses Tracker
  • Goal Planner and Tracker (use for rank goal)
  • Habit Tracker (to help you reach your goals)
  • Blank Pages for brainstorming
  • Lined notes pages
  • dot grid notes pages
  • +more


This is a printable planner.  Download and print out the whole thing or just the pages you need.  Put it all in a cute binder.  Or send to a printing service.    Reprint individual pages as needed.

No more need to buy a new planner every year!  This is undated so you can reuse this again year after year.

You can also import these into any digital PDF editing app such as Goodnotes, XODO, or Notability.

Want to finally get your Power of 3 Bonus?  Use the Power of 3 planner every month to see where you need more volume and know where to put your business builders.  (purchased version does not have watermark)

white and pink doterra power of three planner

Customer Avatar worksheet

Get laser focused on who your ideal customer is.  Once you know this, you can tailor your marketing efforts to that avatar.

sample image of the customer avatar worksheet that's in the doterra business planner

Sample Tracker

Follow up effectively to ensure your customers are getting the right oils to solve their immediate concerns.  Invite them to classes and help them get kits.

image of the essential oil sample tracker that is in the doterra business planner

Daily Agenda and Self Care Tracker

view of the daily agenda and self care tracker that is in the doterra business planner

Monthly Planners

2 different layouts for you to choose from.  2 page monthly layout, or single page monthly layout.

views of the monthly planners in the doterra business planner

Social Media Content Planner

When you plan your content, you free up your precious time.  You can easily get your content scheduled from your planner, and not waste time every day on this activity.  You then have more time to focus elsewhere.


  • Monthly content planner
  • Weekly content planner
  • Daily post planner
  • Weekly Planner for each platform

social media planner pages from the doTERRA business planner



Plan and track your doTERRA goals.

Which rank are you going after and what activities will help you get there?  When you focus on these income-producing activities instead of spinning your wheels on activities that don’t matter, you start to see success.

goal planning pages from the doterra essential oil buiness binder printable

doTERRA Business Producing Activities, Sample Tracker, Self Development:

  • Use the 100 names list as your starting point for who might be interested in natural solutions.
  • Use the provided list of Self Development books to read, and keep track of other books you’re reading.
  • Use the daily Income Producing Activities checklist to maximize your time and efforts.
  • Use the Sample Tracker to keep track of samples you’ve given out and when to follow up and invite to a class.
  • Keep track of your expenses (you can write them off at tax time)

pages from the doterra business notebook including sample tracker

 Team Member Info, Year at a glance, Blend Names, more

Customer Avatar, Team Member Information, 2021 & 20221 Year at a Glance, Yearly Promotions at a glance, Blend names for the U.S. and Australia, Weekly Class Planners

weekly class planner, customer avatar, team member info sheets from the doterra business planner

1 page Monthly Overview, 2 page Monthly Plans, Class Sign Up List:

power of three bonus planner, class sign up sheet, and monthly planners from the doterra essential oil business planner and binder


Monthly Planners with motivational Quote:


undated monthly class planner pages from the doterra business planner

Brainstorming / Notes / Doodle Pages

notes pages from the doterra essential oil business binder

Printable Essential Oil Stickers for your doTERRA Business Planner

Print these cute stickers on sticker paper and use them in your doTERRA business planner.

printable planner stickers with essential oil theme from the doterra essential oil business planner and binder

What’s included in the doTERRA Business Planner:

  • 2 Covers to choose from
  • 2021 & 2022 Year at a Glance
  • Daily Task Tracker
  • Daily Schedule / Planner
  • Monthly Goals
  • Quarterly Goals
  • Future Goals
  • Goals Check-In
  • Goals Tracker
  • Month at a Glance Planner
  • Monthly Plans 2 page layout planner
  • 12 Monthly Planner Pages w/inspiration quote
  • Team Member Information
  • Monthly Income & Rank Tracker
  • Expenses Tracker
  • 100 Names List numbered
  • Self Development Books to Read
  • Reading Log
  • Sample Contact Tracker
  • Essential Oil Inventory
  • Password Tracker
  • Class Sign Up List
  • Weekly Classes Planner Single Page
  • Weekly Classes Planner 2 page layout
  • Power of Three Bonus Builder
  • Accounting Tracker
  • Customer Avatar Worksheet
  • Habit Tracker
  • Yearly Promotions at a Glance
  • Daily Social Media Post Planner
  • Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and blank Social Media weekly Planner worksheets
  • Weekly Content Planner 1 page
  • Weekly Content Planner 2 page layout
  • Income Producing Activities Checklist
  • doTERRA Blend Names List U.S.
  • doTERRA Blend Names Australia
  • 5 Notes Layouts

What you will receive with your doTERRA Essential Oil Business Planner Purchase:

A total of 4 PDF Files:

  • 1 PDF file of printable planner stickers with essential oil theme US Letter Size (print on sticker paper)
  • 1 PDF US Letter (8.5″ x 11″)
  • 1 PDF A4
  • 1 PDF Classic Happy Planner size


  1. Purchase this product.
  2. Once your payment has been processed, download your PDF file directly from the confirmation page. You will also be able to download your planner from your email confirmation.
  3. Print the entire file at home as many times as you want, or through a professional printer.  You may also pick and choose which pages to print.  I recommend putting your business planner in a cute 3 ring binder.

Please Note: This listing is for a digital PDF, no physical product will be mailed to you.

This is a printable planner that you will download and print on your home printer, or send to a professional printer to have spiral bound. No physical product will be shipped.

Perfect to give as a gift to your business builders to help them succeed. Contact me for bulk orders and affiliate program. Get your planner paid for!


*For personal use only. Not to be shared with teams. Send your team members here to purchase their own copy. You may request a personal coupon code and receive credit for each purchase you refer.  Get your entire planner paid for!

*Files cannot be resold or used in the production of commercial products.

*Because this is a digital product, all sales are final. Please contact me if you have a problem with your printable.

pages from the doTERRA Business binder printable


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