barefeet in the forest to show what is earthing

Earthing: How to Ground Yourself

Holistic and natural health has many forms. Some people think about natural DIYproducts for their skin and hair using ingredients like coconut oil, witch hazel, andavocados, while other people think more about essential oils, natural herbs, and healingcrystals. While this is all considered great for overall health and wellness, there is a lot more to …

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candle and blanket with fall leaves for healthy habits

20 Healthy Habits for Fall

When the seasons change, it always feels like a fresh start, especially when thatseason is Autumn. In the fall, people often take a look at the new habits they introducedearlier in the year and reassess, do more organizing and cleaning, and try to find abalance between work and rest. This is the perfect time to …

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