Favorite Essential Oil Tools & Accesories -Dawn Goehring, Desert Naturals

Must Have Tools, Accessories, Reference books & more

Here is a collection of some of my recommended tools & accessories for using your essential oils.  These tools make using your oils easy, convenient, and fun.

 I use all of these daily in my home with my family.  Click the images to be taken to Amazon to purchase these.

Roller bottles

Rollers make using your essential oils convenient and easy.  It's fun to make your own blends for sleeping, upset tummies, stress relievers, muscle aches & pains, and more. It is one of my favorite ways to use essential oils and I carry many of these in my purse and send them to school with my kids in their backpacks. One can never have too many rollers!

Gemstone rollers!!  

These are simply amazing!  Each stone helps support us emotionally in a different way.  Balance your chakras and energy with this complete set.

Label your rollers!

These super cute vinyl labels will help you identify your custom made rollers.  Choose from Pink, Silver or Gold (shown).

p.s. If you have a Cricut machine, you could make your own.

6 pack basic 10ml rollers

These basic 10ml size rollers are my favorite size and super functional.

6 Pack colored 10ml rollers plus accessories.

These are GORGEOUS! They come with funnels, a key to get the roller on and off easily and labels.


Get organized. 

This is a great way to organize your rollers and keep everything in one place so you aren't forever searching for that one that seems to always disappear.


Adorable 5ml rollers with fabric design and tassels

These would make great perfume gifts.

5 ml pastel rollers with gold lids and lanyard + accessories

These are super cute 5ml mini rollers and great for making gifts.

Purple 5ml mini rollers

The color is adorable, and the mini size is great for traveling or sharing rollers with friends.

24 pack colored 10ml rollers + accessoreis.

This is a larger 24 pack with some very fun bright colors.  You also get 2 keys to help get the rollers on and off, 3 droppers, 2 funnels, stickers, and silver hanging lids.

Spray Bottles

With spray bottles, you can make your own body mists,  room and linen sprays, personal perfume sprays, hand & surface sanitizer sprays, and owie sprays.  

4 oz spray bottles can be used for making sanitizer sprays, room sprays, linen sprays, sunburn sprays, and cleaning sprays.

Mix up your own personal perfume with these atomizers.  These make great gifts!

Fine Mist Continuous Sprayer

Make all kinds of body sprays and room sprays with these continuous sprayers. Even use them on your hair!

These large 8 oz spray bottles are perfect for holding your favorite homemade cleaning solutions or mixing the OnGuard concentrated cleaner.

A mini Fine Mist Continuous sprayer makes a perfect way to use your oils in a cooling peppermint spray, a room spray, or any body sprays.  Available in 3 color options.

Reference Books 

Books are my favorite way to know which oil to use for a specific ailment or emotion.  I have learned so much from these books and literally refer to them daily.  Every oiler should have either the Essential Life or Modern Essentials reference book in their home.   If you only pick one thing to buy, make it one of those 2 books.  The Essential Emotions Book is another favorite.

The Essential Emotions book will give you the emotional aspect of each essential oil and how it can help change negative emotions into positive emotions.  It's a must have resource.

Modern Essentials.  This book is comparable to the Essential Life Book.  Has a reference page for each essential oil, plus an extensive alphabetical list of ailments and what essential oils to use for each ailment.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies is a reference guide written to educate, inspire and empower pregnant women or anyone assisting them, including midwives and doulas.

The Essential Life is my go to reference any time I want to look up a specific essential oil or ailment. This is a must have resource for anyone using essential oils.

Full of lots of roller recipes to help create quick emotional shifts.

ADVANCED Oil Magic is the most beautiful, simple, easy-to-use essential oil reference book. It's never been clearer how to get phenomenal results with your essential oils. From protocols to emotional use to gorgeous science-made-simple, it's the most useful reference guide available. You can also scan your smart phone camera at any single oil page for a quick video!

spOIL Your Pet: Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats covers more than 50 common health conditions in cats and dogs. Each section describes the ailment and offers easy directions for treatment using essential oils. This unique guide not only helps keep pets healthy but also offers a complement to traditional veterinary care.


While doTERRA offers the best diffusers, there are many on the market.  Amazon is one of my favorite places to grab diffusers at a great price.  Just look for one that has lots of 4 - 5 star ratings.

For a huge list of diffusers on Amazon, click here:

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One of my all time favorites!   

8 - 10 hours operation time with several colored light choices.  I had this on my kitchen island for many years.

Volcanic lava stones to help balance your chakras.  This would make a cute gift - just add a bottle of essential oil.   Perfect for a workplace where diffusers are generally not allowed. Add a few drops of oil to the stones to go into zen mode.

Make your own beautiful reed diffuser with these rattan reed diffuser sticks.  Add a few to a cute vase or mug, put some coconut oil in the bottom and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. 

Perfect for the car!!  It clips anywhere. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your choice of colored felt pad and have a stress free trip.

This is a very popular, functional diffuser for a large size room.  It has 4 timer settings, 8 color options, and has an extra large reservoir.


Keep your essential oils organized and in one convenient place so that you can always find them.  I have storage boxes in my kitchen where we spend most of our time, and also in my kid's bathroom, as well as the master bedroom so that I'm not having to run from one end of the house to the other when I need an oil.

Store your oil bottles and rollers safely.

Holds 64 15ml essential oil bottles, and 8 rollers bottles.  Comes with a soft carrying case  to keep your oils upright and prevent leaking.  

This is an absolutely beautiful way to store and display up to 12 15ml bottles.  Choose from multiple base colors.

Soft padded interior with top carrying handle holds up to 30 bottles.

Store 6 bottles.  Perfect for weekend getaways!

Raw Materials for DIY projects

I have used all of these products for my many DIY projects.  Check out my blog page to see some of my faves.  I pretty much make most of my own cleaners and bath and personal care products.

Dr. Bronner's Unscented Castille Soap

Best stuff ever for making DIY beauty and cleaning products.

Beeswax Pastilles

Used in DIY projects like lip balms, lotions, and creams

Sodium Bicarbonate (aka Baking Soda)

Used in all DIY cleaning projects.

Shea Butter

Used in many DIY projects like lib balms, lotions, and creams

Fractionated Coconut Oil

You'll need some coconut oil to fill up your rollers with and to dilute your essential oils with. I love that this one has a pump, and is made in the U.S.A.

Food Grade Citric Acid is an ingredient found in DIY's such as Bath Bombs.

Vegetable Glycerine

Used in many DIY projects like hand soap and body wash as a thickening agent. 

Organic White Vinegar

Used in every DIY cleaning project.


Bath Bomb Press & Mold Kit

Easily make beautiful bath bombs with this press that comes with 6 stamps.  The press packs the ingredients together for you.

Essential Oil Inhalers are a great way to get the benefits of your essential oils aromatically.

Flavoring your water with essential oils helps you drink more.  Make sure you use a safe container like glass.  These glass bottles have a silicone sleeve which makes them perfect to take on the go.

Metal Donut Bath Bomb Mold

These would be so fun in the bath!

Perfect for a girls birthday part activity or teachers gifts.

Glass Droppers for Essential Oil 15ml bottles - set of 6

Perfect for thick oils or helpful for any essential oil.

Note:  This page contains affiliate links.  This does not change the price for you or affect your purchase in any way, however I may earn a small commission when you purchase.   I have used just about all of these products, and would never recommend something I haven't tried and loved or that is highly rated by others.