Essential Oil Roller Bottle Organizer Stand for 15ml or 5ml bottles


Keep your  essential oil  bottles organized with this beautiful custom made 3d printed organizer stand.  Perfect for nightstands, bathroom and kitchen counters.  Keep your oils organized and easy to reach and you are more likely to use them.  Each stand is custom 3d printed.



Each essential oil organizer stand is custom made with a 3d Printer.

Each beautiful essential oil organizer roller bottle stand holds 6 15ml bottles(shown) or 7 5 ml bottles. *  

Keep your essential oil rollers organized, tidy, and easy to use with one of these beautiful stands.  When you have your oils out and visible, you are more likely to use them.  When they are shoved in a cabinet, you’re never going to use them.  Keep your oils out on display and ready to use with one of these organizers.

Where to place your essential oil roller bottle organizer stand:

  • Keep one stand in each bathroom
  • On your night stand,
  • Office desk,
  • Kitchen counter
  • Kid’s rooms

Our Essential Oil Organizer Stands are Eco-Friendly

Each essential oil organizer stand is made from PLA+ which is a biological material, extracted and purified from corn grain, and is eco- friendly, odorless, and harmless to humans.

Due to the nature of 3D printing, there may be minor cosmetic variations and imperfections in each oil organizer.

Essential Oil Organizer Stand Color options:

  • Silky champagne / coffee (shown)
  • Silky rainbow  
  • Silky purple  
  • Silky rose gold
  • Silky Silver

View all essential oil organizer stand designs HERE

keep your essential oils neet and organized with a custom 3d printer stand and organizer

If you are looking for a color or organizer option not listed, feel free to ask.  We may be able to accommodate your request.

*Essential Oils NOT included.

essential oil bottle display stand and organizer for 5 15ml bottles shown in satin coffee color
Oil Organizer Holder Color

Black, Rose Gold, Silk Purple, Silky Champagne Gold, Silky Rainbow, Silky Silver, White


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