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DIY Wood Polish Spray

DIY wood polish with doterra essential oil of wil orange, lemon, or arborvitae

DIY Wood Polish SprayIs your wood furniture starting to look dull and lifeless? Then you need this homemade DIY wood polish spray in your life! Wood furniture is an investment that needs to be cared for and maintained. Although polishing wood furniture should only be done every few months, it is important to continually keep the […]

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Best Green Cleaning DIY’s

roundup of the best green cleaning DIY's for your home

Green Cleaning – It is totally possible to get your house sparkling clean with natural products.  Vinegar and baking soda are my best friends when it comes to cleaning, and I buy it in bulk.  Did you know vinegar has been around for 10,000 years and  can be used in your laundry, to clean your […]

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DIY Carpet Powder Cleaner

Make your own all natural and effective powder carpet cleaner with this easy recipe containing only 2 ingredients

Pin to Pinterest so you can find the recipe when you need it later. Pin0 Share0 Tweet0 Share0 DIY Carpet Powder Cleaner is a simple and frugal way to deodorize your carpets and rugs.  It contains only 2 ingredients!Carpet can make a room comfortable and homey, but it can be difficult to keep clean.  Especially […]

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DIY Easy Dish Soap

DIY citrus dish soap with doterra essential oils

Everyone uses liquid dish soap so why not make your own? This super simple recipe is great for removing grease, adding shine, and waking up your senses.  If you don’t have these exact essential oils, use what you do have, although I recommend keeping the Lemon in the recipe.  You can substitute any citrus, or […]

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DIY All Purpose Cleaning Spray

make your own natural eco friendly all purpose cleaning spray with doterr essential oils

DIY All Purpose Cleaner with printable labelsPin this so you can find it easily Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 This is a simple DIY All Purpose Cleaning Spray recipe that includes OnGuard, Lemon, and Melaleuca with Apple Cider or White Vinegar that you can use  to clean your entire home.   I use it everywhere – my […]

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Make Your Own Dishwasher Tablets

DIY Make your own dishwasher detergent tabs doterra essential oil onguard

Make your own natural dishwasher tablets by following this simple step-by-step recipe.Store bought tabs can contain many toxic chemicals and fragrances which leave residue on the plates.  Since we eat off those plates, we have the potential to ingest that residue.  I feel so much better knowing my kids are eating off plates without harmful […]

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Best Homemade Soft Scrub Cleaner

DIY Homemade Inexpensive Chemical Free Cleaner

Cleaning the bathroom is not an experience people look forward to very often. Being stuck in a small closed space with harsh chemicals not only makes it hard to breathe, but can also be hazardous to your health.   Have you ever stopped to think about the residue left in the tub?  I certainly don’t […]

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All Natural Fruit & Veggie Wash

It’s important to wash any pesticides and germs off your fruits and vegetables.  This solution removes all those residues and has germ-killing properties to boot! 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (the organic kind) 1/2 cup water 5 drops lemon essential oil 5 drops OnGuard essential oil blend Combine all ingredients in a big bowl or […]

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DIY Purifying Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes are extremely convenient and are great to have on hand when wiping down surfaces. Making your own wipes is easy, fun, effective, and affordable. You probably already have everything you need in your home, so get going!  Ingredients12 Thick and durable paper towels1 cup boiled and slightly cooled water1/2 cup white vinegar1/4 cup […]

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Glass Cleaner DIY

Make your own glass cleaner that is cheaper than store bought and works better. Optionally add lemon essential oil

Make your own glass cleaner using common ingredients you probably already have in your home.  This cleaner saves you tons of money, takes only minutes to whip up,  and works better than anything you’ll find in the store!I love that I know all of the ingredients in it! My favorite oil to use in it […]

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