DIY Men’s Essential Oil Cologne Recipes

homemade cologne for men with essential oils

Try making one of these DIY Cologne Recipes with Essential Oils for your man instead of buying something from the store.

He’ll get a custom scent made just for him that is all natural and has no synthetics or toxins.  

BONUS: he’ll receive health benefits from the doTERRA essential oils in his cologne. 

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Supplies for your DIY Men’s Essential Oil Cologne

You’ll need a rugged / masculine container for your men’s cologne. Here are a few of my favorites:

This camo spray bottle is perfect for your men’s cologne. It also comes in a roller. You can buy one or both.

Whimsy camo spray edited

10ml Essential Oil Roller Ball

If camo isn’t his style, pick up a pack of these ultra cool black rollers for your cologne.  I’m obsessed with these! They are sleek and masculine.

rollerballs for mens cologne with essential oil

Carrier Oil

You’ll need carrier oil to top off your rollers. You can use whatever you like but I don’t recommend using anything with a strong scent which would affect the overall smell of your cologne. I recommend fractionated coconut oil or Jojoba Oil – which is what I use.

I have used this Jojoba Oil (that I order from Amazon) and my husband loves it.

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Recipes for your DIY Men’s Essential Oil Cologne

Choose from one of these  six men’s essential oil cologne recipes.

Feel free to customize the blend based on your man’s likes, and what doTERRA essential oils you have on hand.  

You can add more essential oils if you feel like the scent isn’t strong enough.

Tip: To see if you like the scent, make a small sample first. If you like it, make a larger batch. You can always add more oils to the mixture later.


Spice Cologne

Spicy Pick-Me-Up:


Fresh Cut Grass:

Woodsy Black Licorice:


Sweet Musk:

Musky Cinnamon:

Directions to make your DIY Men’s Cologne with Essential Oils

  1. First, combine all essential oils in your empty roller bottle.
  2. Top off roller bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil 
  3. Attach roll-on cap and shake it gently until it’s combined.
  4. Let mixture sit for 24 hours before use to let the oils combine together.
  5. Apply cologne to wrists and other pulse points for best results.

How to make DIY mens cologne with essential oils pt

More ways to use essential oils for men

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Before you go, see what’s new on the blog

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