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Safe Essential Oils for Dogs

safely use essential oils to support your dog's mental and physical health

What Essential Oils to Use for your Dog and How to use them safely Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0 There are many essential oils that are safe and calming for dogs.   It’s important to know about how to safely use essential oils on your dog, so please be sure to read the section on essential […]

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How to Use Melissa Essential Oil

Uses and emotional Benefits of doTERRA Melissa essential oil also known as lemon balm

How to Use Melissa Essential Oil (Lemon Balm) Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 ContentsClick to go directly to a section 1 Emotional Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil2 The story behind how doTERRA sources Melissa 3 10 Ways to use Melissa essential oil4 Try blending with these other oils:5 6 Diffuser Blend Recipes6 4 Spray and Roller recipes7 How […]

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Turmeric Essential Oil Drink Recipes

How to make Golden Milk with doterra Tumeric and Ginger essential oils

Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Table of Contents Benefits of Turmeric Essential OilWhy Cook with Turmeric Essential Oil?Turmeric Latte DIY Golden Milk Recipe with Ginger and Turmeric Essential OilsPineapple Turmeric SmoothieCoconut Milk Turmeric Tea These Turmeric Essential Oil drink recipes are a surefire way to help you get the benefits of Turmeric essential oil. The drinks are delicious […]

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4th of July Essential Oils for Dogs

This Fourth of July, why not use essential oils to keep your dog calm, safe, and healthy.    Every year, dogs everywhere get the shakes, cower under beds and behind furniture, and many get out and run away because they are so scared of the loud sounds from the fireworks.  Sound familiar? The good news is, you […]

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