glass spray bottle with bottle of doTERRA Peppermint essential oil in front of garden

Essential Oils for the Garden

The idea of beginning a garden is often appealing in the spring. Who doesn’t love homegrown fresh herbs and veggies? However, the reality is that a garden is often time-consuming and can seem to need a lot of space . Below you will find some ideas for making your garden thrive, including tips for using …

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tent camping with campfire - best essential oils for camping

Best Essential Oils for Camping

Do you love being out in the great outdoors? Summers spent camping always make for some great memories. This camping season, make the switch to all natural products to support your family. You’ll love learning about the best essential oils and natural remedies you can use for your camping trip. Use these toxin-free options to …

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Learn how to clean your diffuser so it puts out the most mist and you get the maximum benefit from your essential oils

How to Clean Your Diffuser

It’s important to clean your essential oil diffuser once a month to keep it running at it’s best.  Diffusers tend to get hard water deposits over time, and the essential oil can leave a residue.   If left for too long, essential oils or any leftover water can corrode and ruin your unit, and can also …

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Essential Oil Aromatherapy diffuser blends for March and St. Patrick's Day

March Diffuser Blends

Aromatherapy diffuser blends for the month of March. How to use these essential oil diffuser blends Choose the diffuser blend you want to use. Fill your diffuser to the fill line with water Add the drops of essential oils to the water in your diffuser Plug your diffuser in and press the start button. What …

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