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Homemade Monster Spray for Children Afraid at Bed Time

Have a kiddo who’s afraid of monsters at bedtime?  Mix up a bottle of this Monster Spray and let him or her chase those bad guys away before bed.  Involve your child in making their weapon and they will be excited to try it out!  They will have fun, and love knowing that they are having a hand in chasing away the monsters.  They can help decorate the bottle with googly eyes or any monstery type stickers you have around or pick up some from the dollar store.  Other ideas include a warrior or princess, or making their name with letter stickers.  The possibilities are endless.   Then let them spray all the places in their room that need it when it’s bedtime.  Your child will be confident there are no monsters in the room which will help them fall asleep.

Bonus – use a calming essential oil such as Serenity Restful Blend or Lavender to help your child relax and fall asleep gently.

Get a Glass Spray Bottles for your monster spray

constellation spray bottle

Check out this adorable constellation spray bottle! It would be perfect for this monster spray and also great for this linen sleep spray


First, add the drops of essential oil to the spray bottle.  I love Serenity for this, but you could use Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Chamomile, or any combination of your favorite calming oils.

Then, top off the bottle with distilled water.  I prefer distilled because it is less likely to leave hard water stains.  You can pick some up at your grocery store in the bottled water section.

Finally, add your decorations to your spray bottle.  These could include cute monster stickers, googly eyes, your child’s name, a warrior to fight off the monsters, a princess, whatever you think your child would like.  Pick some supplies up from the dollar store, or, if you have one, use your cutting machine to make a custom design for your child.

Just give the bottle a gentle shake before spraying to mix up the water and oil.

Your child can spray under the bed, their bed sheets, in the closet, wherever it’s needed.  The calming oils will help your child gently fall asleep, and they will be confident knowing that the monsters have returned back to the land they came from.

Essential Oils For your Monster Spray

doTERRA Lavender and Serenity essential oil can help you sleep better and de stress

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