Use this sleepy time spray on your sheets and pillow just before you crawl into bed. Your sheets and pillow will smell heavenly and will relax your mind and body to help you gently fall asleep.

make your own linen pillow sleep spray with doterra lavender essential oil and spray bottle

How to Make Essential Oil Linen and Pillow Spray for Sleep with Free Printable Directions

Fall asleep quickly and easily with this DIY Linen Sleepy Time Pillow Spray made with Lavender or doTERRA Serenity essential oils.

This homemade Linen and Pillow sleep spray is super easy to make and only takes a couple minutes and 2 ingredients: essential oils and witch hazel.

lavender essential oil from doTERRA in eyelash tray

Kids love to use this pillow spray, too!  

This pillow spray can be a wonderful way to help your child calm down at the end of the day.  

Moms, you know what I’m talking about.  This can be a game changer in that moment for them.  

You can even put the power in their little hands, and let them spray down their sheets themselves.    Especially if you include them when making their own pillow linen spray.

 My children love this.  I

Kids love to use essential oils!

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image of homemade linen spray with doterra essential oils

These Linen Sleep Sprays make a great gift!

Tie a cute twine bow around it and it makes a super cute gift that anyone would love to receive.

Make several and give them to teachers, hand them out at Christmas to friends, hairdressers, neighbors, etc

diy linen spray to help you sleep better .  Made with lavender or doTERRA serenity essential oil

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Ingredients and Supplies for your DIY Linen Sleep Spray

These frosted glass spray bottles over at Amazon are a fave of mine that I use for many essential oil spray. They come in a pack of 2, so you’ll have an extra one for making a yummy room spray.

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Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel will bind to the essential oils, and is how the oils will get dispersed into the air and onto the pillow or sheets.    You know the oil saying “oil and water don’t mix”?  That is true for essential oils!  I have used water in a pinch, but Witch Hazel is a better choice.

Since your facial skin touches the pillow that you’re going to be spraying with this, you want to make sure you’re using something that won’t cause sensitivities or breakouts.

 Witch Hazel is very safe and is actually a great tonic for skin, especially the face, so it’s perfectly fine to use as a spray that will be going on your pillow. 

Make sure you use an all natural, pure, unscented Witch Hazel.  

 Kylie Jenner says she's obsessed with Quinn's Witch Hazel.   
Quinn's witch hazel to use in diy linen sleep spray with essential oils

Essential Oils for your Sleepy Time Linen Spray

doTERRA Lavender and Serenity essential oil can help you sleep better and de stress

You can choose to use any number of essential oils that are great for sleep.  My personal favorite is Lavender Essential Oil.

doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend is also very popular.  It’s a blend of ALLLL the calming oils and has a touch of vanilla to it.  

Essential oils that are great choices for sleep are:

woman sleeping with essential oils on nightstand

Not sure what essential oil you should get or where to start?  

Check out this article for a full list of which essential oils are best for sleep and how to use them.

How to Make DIY Linen Spray with Essential Oils

Making your Linen Spray is super fast and easy.Once you’ve gathered your supplies, this spray takes under 5 minutes to make.  Here’s the full directions on how to make DIY Linen Spray.  Feel free to print them to have as a guide while making yours.  

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make your own linen pillow sleep spray with doterra lavender essential oil and spray bottle

DIY Linen & Pillow Spray with Lavender Essential Oil

Author: Dawn Goehring
Fall asleep quickly and easily with this DIY Sleepy Time Linen & Pillow Spray made with your choice of either Lavender or doTERRA Serenity essential oils.
This linen bedtime spray is super easy to make and only takes a couple minutes and 2 ingredients: essential oils and witch hazel.
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  • Add the drops of Lavender or Serenity essential oil to the spray bottle
  • Top off the spray bottle Witch Hazel.
  • Add the Spray topper to the bottle, then gently shake to combine all ingredients


You can use water in place of the witch hazel.  It will get the job done.
doTERRA Serenity Bedtime Spray for better sleep

How to Use Your DIY Linen Spray

To use the DIY linen spray,  just give the linen spray bottle a gentle shake to make sure everything is combined, then mist your comforter, blankets, sheets, even your pillow. 

Sweet Dreams!

Get to sleep quickly and gently with this easy to make homeade lavender essential oil pillow spray

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Diffuser and Essential Oil on nightstand next to bed for sleep

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