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Essential Oils are another tool that can be utilized alone or in conjunction with these other methods.  Each chakra is supported by specific essential oils.


Supplies for your Throat Chakra Blend

Crystal Rollers to use with your Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Blends

To get the best benefit of this Chakra essential oil blend, I recommend picking up a pack of these gorgeous Chakra rollers with real crystals inside and Gemstones for the rollerball.

Each crystal is specifically matched to it’s corresponding Chakra.

  • Crystals + Gemstone Tops Included:
    • Crown: Clear quartz gem roller top, amethyst inside bottle
    • Third Eye: Sodalite gem roller top, tanzanite inside bottle
    • Throat: Blue lace agate gem roller top, amazonite inside bottle
    • Heart: Green Aventurine gem roller top, rose quartz inside bottle
    • Solar Plexus: Tiger’s Eye gem roller top citrine inside bottle
    • Sacral: Carnelian gem roller top, sunstone inside bottle
    • Root: Hematite gem roller top, tourmaline inside bottle
  • Recipes for each chakra included with each set.
Whimsey chakra rollers with crystals
Snag the Set or a single roller for a specific chakra

Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blends

doterra essential oil blend to balance the throat chakra

Throat Chakra Diffuser Blend

Diffusers are one of my favorite ways to get the benefits of essential oils. A diffuser


To diffuse the throat chakra essential oil blend, add water to the fill line of your diffuser, then add the drops of essential oil and enjoy.



Throat Chakra Roller Blend

  1. Add the drops of essential oils to an empty 10ml roller. I’m obsessed with the gemstone rollers below.  Use 
  2. Fill the roller up to the top with carrier oil. 

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doterra essential oil blend to balance the throat chakra

All Essential Oil Chakra Balancing Blends

Looking for essential oil blends for one of the other chakras?   

Take your health to the next level with this Guided Healing Chakra Journal

Heal your energies with this beautifully designed printable journal. You will be able to explore different methods to balance your chakras, determine which chakras are unbalanced, record personal meditations and affirmations for each chakra and more.

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