7 Cozy Fall Diffuser Blends

fall themed essential oil diffuser blend for autumn

Enjoy the smell of Fall with these all natural essential oil diffuser blends.  These diffuser blends are cheaper and so much healthier than candles, which give off toxic fumes.  For only a few cents, your home will smell scrumptious for hours!

Choose from Pumpkin Spice, Oatmeal Cookies, First Frost, Campfire, Warm Cider.

Snag a Diffuser for your Fall Diffuser Blends

14 hour powerful doTERRA Volo essential oil diffuser in white marble

doTERRA offers several gorgeous diffusers.  The best value is to get one of the starter kits because they come bundled with oils and  a diffuser and are discounted.   I have found these diffusers to be the highest quality and I have tried a lot of diffusers.  

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You can find also many budget diffusers on Amazon.  Here are the top rated diffusers with free Prime Shipping. 

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Fall Diffuser Blends

Here are 7 warm and cozy fall diffuser blends to enjoy this Fall season.

Essential Oil Fall Diffuser Blends for pumpkin spice, oatmeal cookies and more

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