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sick woman using a sore throat essential oil spray

How to make a throat spray essential oils and honey

Use this quick and easy all natural DIY throat spray with essential oils and honey anytime you, your husband, or your kids gets that raw, itchy feeling in the back of your throat.  





Supplies for your Homemade Throat Spray

Special Throat Spray Bottles with 360 degree atomizer

You’ll want to pick up one of these special throat spray bottles.  These will make the spray so much more effective because the little extender piece will get the spray directly to the back of the throat.  Right where it’s needed. 

throat spray with special nozzel

These are the same types of spray bottles you’ll get if you buy a commercial throat spray.

throat spray bottle

Don’t have Prime? Grab a 30 day trial here to take advantage of the free shipping.

Mini  Funnel

These mini funnel will make getting your essential oils, and especially the honey and water, into your spray bottle super easy and mess free!

You’ll be able to use these funnels for many DIY projects including my DIY Body Wash, and DIY OnGuard Hand Sanitizer.

mini funnel for diy throat spray

Raw Honey


Local Raw Honey from your farmers market is the best choice for this spray.  

You could also choose to use Manuka Honey which is a very powerful medicinal honey. It does cost a bit more than honey from your farmers market,  but it is well worth the cost. 

No teddy bear honey from the grocery store, please.  Those have no medicinal value in them.All the good stuff has been processed out and it’s just a sweet tasting sticky substance.

Can’t make it to your farmer’s market?  This Raw Honey from Amazon is a great option!  I’ve used it and love it.

raw honey for diy throat spray

Use as a Throat Gargle Instead of Spray



gargle boy 1


Essential Oils for your Throat Spray

Let’s talk about essential oil safety. Since you’ll be ingesting these oils, please make sure you are using an essential oil that is safe to consume. It may surprise you to know that most essential oils from the grocery store, superstore, or drugstores are fragrance only. Meaning they aren’t safe to ingest or consume internally.

How to tell if an essential oil is safe to consume? There will be a supplements fact chart on the label, just like there is on our food packaging.

doTERRA Essential Oils have a Supplement Facts label to let you know they are safe to consume in drinks or food

If you’ve ever ordered an essential oil from Amazon and it smelled off, you were the victim of oil tampering. Mos. It’s very easy to put on a new tamper proof cap to have it look as if the oil bottle has never been opened. Anyone can buy these caps anywhere.

I’m bringing this up here because I want you to stay safe. Since you will be ingesting these oils, please know what you are ingesting.

Please make sure you buy your doTERRA from a safe source. Look for doTERRA certified websites that have the seal. I have the seal displayed on my home page and you can click the link down below in my footer to verify it is active.

never buy doterra essential oils on amazon because of tampering

Homemade diy sore throat spray with essential oils and honey
sick woman using a sore throat essential oil spray

DIY Throat Spray with Essential Oils and Honey

Author: Dawn Goehring
Use this quick and easy all natural DIY throat spray with essential oils and honey anytime you, your husband, or your kids gets that raw, itchy feeling in the back of your throat.  
The essential oils and honey will help soothe the raw feeling your throat, and will get to work to boost your body's immune system and your throat will be feeling better in no time!
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  • Add the essential oils to your spray bottle
  • Add the Honey to your spray bottle
  • Top the spray bottle with Water.
  • Put the sprayer cap on the bottle and gently shake to mix up the ingredients together.


Local Raw Honey from your farmers market is the best option for this throat spray.   If you can’t make it to your farmer’s market, this Raw Honey from Amazon is a good choice.


diy sore throat spray with essential oils

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Dawn has earned an aromatherapist degree and has earned a doTERRA essential oil specialist certification which is a fancy way of saying she has learned a lot about the chemistry of essential oils and how they work in the body.

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    1. Hi Julie – it will last indefinitely (at least as long as the expiration date on your oils that you use and likely longer), and nope – doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Raw Honey is shelf stable so no need to refrigerate.

    1. Hi Nita – The recipe calls to top off your bottle with water. Once you do that, shake it up to combine everything and it should be the right consistency.

    1. Andi, You can use this every couple hours as needed. It’s honestly fine to use more frequently than that if needed.

  1. 5 stars
    Made this to help with my recovery and it worked well for me. Only change was I doubled the amount of honey. Used before bed and by morning my throat swelling and discomfort were cut at least in half, maybe more. Helped sooth and calm to allow healing. This recipe is one of my new go-tos.

  2. Moksha Lifestyles

    Thank you for sharing that detail.It was fascinating and insightful. Continue to share useful resources over these blogs…

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