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Turmeric Essential Oil Drink Recipes

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use doTERRA Turmeric essential oil in your smoothie and coffee recipes

These Turmeric Essential Oil drink recipes are a surefire way to help you get the benefits of Turmeric essential oil. The drinks are delicious and easy to make!

Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric has been used for centuries for it's ayorvedic health benefits and is a staple for your health routine.   In terms of overall health,Turmericis hard to beat. 

The heart benefits, the brain health...I don't go a day without taking my turmeric, whether the essential oil or the dual chamber capsules.

Interested to dig in to to all the health benefits? Let's go. 

  • Take internally for daily antioxidant support and to improve immune your immune system
  • As metabolic support, use Turmeric oil when trying to get back on track.*
  • Turmeric can give you glowing, healthy skin.
  • Turmeric essential oil is extremely calming and soothing.  If your feeling stressed, or high strung, reach for your Turmeric essential oil
  • After strenuous activity, incorporate Turmeric oil into your recovery routine for a soothing experience.

Why Cook with Turmeric Essential Oil?

Using Turmeric essential oil in your favorite drink recipes is an easy way to take your turmeric daily.   It's really as simple as that.  

You can certainly put 1 - 2 drops of Turmeric Essential Oil in a capsule and take it with some water, but these drink recipes taste delicious and make it a bit more fun.

 My very favorite way to use my essential oil?  1-2 drops in my green juice or smoothie (yum!)or warm, frothy milk as a golden milk latte.

Make a green juice or smoothie with mango, pineapple, banana and spinach. Blend then add 2 drops Turmeric + 1 drop Ginger for a delicious, nutritious, anti-inflammatory drink.



Take your coffee to the next level with this Turmeric Latte recipe with doTERRA Essential Oils

How to make Golden Milk with doterra Tumeric and  Ginger essential oils


how to make a pineapple smoothie with doTERRA turmeric essential oil for inflammation

Coconut Milk Tea Recipe with doTERRA Essential Oil






Comment with your favorite Turmeric drink recipe and share of picture of yours!  Enjoy and reap the health benefits!

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About the author  Dawn Goehring

Holistic Living Mom with years of experience with essential oils. I have a doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist certification, and Aromatherapy with distinction diploma. Essential Oils enabled my son to live life again to his fullest after struggling to do basic activities like go to school and play soccer. Because his life was so drastically improved, a passion was ignited in me to learn as much as possible about essential oils, including how they are sourced, tested, and ultimately how they work in the body. I love to make my own all natural beauty products and rarely purchase cleaners or otc products from the store. doTERRA is the first essential oil brand I was ever introduced to and it has worked so well for us that I am now a loyal follower and educator.

Dawn Goehring

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