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30 Ways to Use Spearmint

Ways to use Spearmint Essential Oil

Spearmint Essential Oil is known as the Oil of Confident Speech.   Smell it straight from the bottle, diffuse it, apply it to the back of your neck or pulse points to help with a fear of public speaking, feeling timid, or holding back opinions when it is important to speak them.   Spearmint can help the user feel more confident, articulate, have clarity, and feel overall more courageous.

30 Ways to Use Spearmint Essential Oil

  1. Add 1-2 drops to water to aid in digestion.
  2.  Inhale from cupped hands to reduce feelings of nausea.
  3.  Massage 1-2 drops (diluted) over achy muscles.
  4. Swish 1-2 drops in water as a mouthwash 
  5. Apply 1-2 drops over back of neck and abdomen to help reduce heavy menstruation. 
  6. Diffuse to fight feelings of fatigue.
  7. Apply topically to the back of neck to reduce head tension.
  8. Diffuse to feel refreshed.
  9.  Apply to the back of the neck to reduce feelings of stress.
  10. Apply 1-2 drops (diluted) on the bottom of the feet to help body systems. 
  11. Apply to toothbrush before brushing teeth for fresh breath. 
  12. Apply to the spine to help promote a healthy nervous system. 
  13. Inhale directly from the bottle for a quick pick me up. 
  14. Add a drop to brownie mixture for a delicious flavor. 
  15. Apply to the stomach to help prevent upset.
  16. Apply to the chest to promote clear airways. 
  17. Massage over the heart during times of stress and tension.
  18. Add to lotion or coconut oil and apply to skin for a pleasantly soothing experience. 
  19. Add a drop to the shower for a refreshing aroma. 
  20. Add 3-4 drops to bathwater for a relaxing and cooling bath. 
  21. Diffuse to boost confidence. 
  22. Add a drop to OnGuard Mouthwash to freshen breath. 
  23. Add a drop to your morning smoothie. 
  24. Inhale from cupped hands and/or add to diffuser jewelry to help lessen the fear of public speaking. 
  25. Diffuse to help sharpen the mind. 
  26. Diffuse the MINT CREAMSICLE Blend. (4 drops Citrus Bliss and 3 drops Spearmint) 
  27. Diffuse the REFRESH MINT Blend. (2 drops Spearmint, 1 drops Wintergreen, 1 drop Cedarwood) 
  28. Diffuse the MINT TO BE Blend. (2 Rosemary, 2 Peppermint, 1 Spearmint) 
  29. Diffuse the CITRUS SLUSH Blend. (3 drops Lime, 2 drops Citrus Bliss, 3 drops Grapefruit)
  30. Diffuse the SWEET SUMMER Blend. (4 drops Tangerine, 2 drops Lavender, 1 drop Lime, 1 drop Spearmint)


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