Learn how to make an essential oil roller

Learn how to make your own essential oil rollers in 3 easy steps! Your life will never be the same.    Essential Oil Rollers are my favorite method of using oils because they are so easy and convenient.  

One of the biggest benefits of essential oil rollers is that the essential oil is already diluted.  This makes the essential oil safe to use, and you can use a greater dilution for babies, children, the elderly, or anyone who is sensitive.   When the essential oils are diluted, they last longer on your skin and absorb more efficiently, and there is less evaporation.  This is especially useful if you have an essential oil that is pricey and you want to make it last as long as possible.

Another huge benefit of essential oil rollers is their convenience.I can throw the rollers in my purse or backpack, keep them in the bathroom, kitchen, kids room, my nightstand, wherever.  I simply swipe the roller on pulse points or swipe down my kid’s backs as they are headed out for school in the morning.

Here are 3 easy steps you can follow to make your own essential oil roller, plus a link to some of my favorite roller blends.

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Before you start, gather everything you’ll need.
  • Empty roller(s) –grab a six pack from Amazon so you can make several!
  • Carrier oil like jojoba, or fractionated coconut oil –this is the one I use.
  • Essential Oils –  If you don’t have any oils, you’ll want to pick up this mini intro kit, or the bigger Top 10 kit – the combinations for rollers is endless and I’ve got an entire e-book packed full of ways to use these oils.  
Calming roller with doterra serenity, balance grounding blend, and vetiver essential oils

Need ideas for roller recipes?  Here’s a link to one of my all time favorite blends.

If you don’t have all the oils in a recipe or blend, just use what you do have.  There’s no hard and fast rule on what you can put into a roller.  Make up your own and use what you know works for you!

Step 1 of how to make an essential oil roller bottle



Step Two of how to make your own essential oil roller
Step Two

Grab your favorite carrier oil of choice.  (I usually use fractionated Coconut Oil).  Fill the rest of your roller almost all the way to the top.  Be sure to leave a little room for the roller bottle topper.  Don’t want all this oily goodness overflowing and going to waste. That would be really sad.

A Little Info on Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated Coconut oil is a little more processed than regular coconut oil which can solidify in cooler temperatures. This solid form wouldn’t work so well in a roller. Pretty much any high quality oil can function as a carrier oil.  

I prefer using coconut oil because it doesn’t have a strong scent.  Coconut Oil is really amazing for our skin and has many practical uses. This fractionated coconut oil is my favorite. If you can’t use or don’t like coconut oil, some other options are JojobaArgan, AvocadoAlmondGrapeseed, or Olive Oil.  

Step 3 of how to make an essential oil roller
Step Three

Gently replace the roller topper by firmly pushing it down with the palm of your hand so that is is sealed and closed.  Sometimes these can be stubborn.If it’s not on all the way, it will leak everywhere.Never a good thing, but especially bad in your purse.  Ask me how I know. 

Be sure to use this dilution chart when making essential oil rollers especially for anyone who is sensitive like children or elderly

Be sure to use this dilution chart as a guideline when making your essential oil rollers.  This is especially important for anyone who is sensitive, like elderly or young children.  Essential Oil safety should always come first.

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