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Why Use Essential Oils in a diffuser during the Summer



Essential oils are used for their therapeutic properties. They help with relaxation, stress relief, and sleep. In the summer, essential oils help you relax and unwind from the heat. You can also use them to help you feel more refreshed during the day and put you in a specific mood.

Essential Oils are also a great way to get rid of unwanted smells without using harsh chemicals. In the summer, we don’t want heavy scents lingering in our homes. These diffuser blends will hit the spot and your home will smell fabulous!

I always have people commenting on how good my home smells when they come over and I am diffuser essential oils.

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a collection of endless summer essential oil diffuser blends

What is the Best Diffuser to Use for these Summer Blends

You’ll want to choose a diffuser to fit the room size you plan to use it in. For a large room, you’ll want a diffuser that outputs more mist than a smaller diffuser does. Smaller diffusers work best in small bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms.

One question I frequently get asked is if it’s safe to add essential oils to a humidifier. The answer is no. Humidifiers can be made with a type of plastic that isn’t safe to use with essential oils, which can break down that plastic. Some humidifiers also work using heat, which is also not recommended with essential oils. It’s always best to use the right tool for the job. I do have an essential oil diffuser / humidifier in my shop – check it out here. This is a great choice for dry environments, or in the summer and winter when air conditioners and heaters dry out the air.

Organize Your Favorite Summer Essential Oils with a Diffuser Stand

Get your most used and favorite essential oils organized with our hand made and custom designed diffuser stand.

The diffuser stand is available in many color choices.

Each diffuser stand is hand made by my husband and myself with a 3D Printer and covered with velvet to protect the stand and your counter or furniture.

9 Summer Diffuser Blends

Here are 9 fresh and light summery diffuser blends. Try one or try them all. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite!

Summer Breeze

Dreaming of Paradise

Sweet Summer Storm

Exotic Nights

Summer Citrus

Fresh Air

Feelin’ Free


Bright Mornings

Summertime essential oil diffuser blends

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