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DIY Reed Diffuser with Essential Oil

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How to Make a Gorgeous DIY Essential Oil Reed Diffuser with Essential Oil Blends suggestions

Make a homemade reed diffuser with essential oil

Learn how to make your own DIY Reed Diffuser with essential oils.  Who doesn't love those pretty reed diffuser sticks? They look great on a bathroom counter, in the living room or anywhere else you need a cute decoration,

I've always been a fan, but never liked the chemicals that store bought versions put out.  The heavy perfume always gives me a headache.

It is so easy to make your own DIY Reed Diffuser with essential oils that pure and natural, and are good for you!  

This easy DIY Reed diffuser is great to have at home, in the office, at school, or anywhere you want a fresh clean scent.   

The Dangers of Store Bought Reed Diffusers

Most commercial, store bought reed diffusers are made using synthetic fragrance, which can be very toxic to your health.

"Many synthetic chemicals in fragrances are derived from petrochemicals (petroleum-based), and can be harmful to human health. Chemicals found in man-made fragrances include phthalates, which are endocrine disruptors, and benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and toluene, which are known carcinogens. Some fragrance compounds are neurotoxicants and others are linked with reproductive birth defects. In addition, some children and adults have allergic or hypersensitivity reactions to fragrance chemicals. Allergic and asthmatic children are at especially high risk." - According to CEHN.ORG

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (, "A survey of selected scented consumer goods showed the products emitted more than 100 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including some that are classified as toxic or hazardous by federal laws.

Even products advertised as “green,” “natural,” or “organic” emitted as many hazardous chemicals as standard ones."

If that doesn't scare you, it should.  Synthetic Fragrances are linked to a staggering number of health risks and are found everywhere - in our cosmetics, cleaning products, personal care products,   Most people don't' stop to think about how many products we use on our body every day, and around our home that have harmful toxins in them.  

How to make your own DIY Essential Oil Reed Diffuser with recipe refill blends

Benefits of Making Your Own Reed Diffuser

When you use pure, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oil like doTERRA for your reed diffuser, you are improving the air quality in your home.  

It is critical to note that I am referring to high quality true CPTG essential oils.  Not the inexpensive fragrance oils found in most drugstores, superstores, and home goods stores.  These all contain synthetic fragrance, which, as I noted above, is very harmful.

Instead of pumping out chemical filled toxins, the essential oil will do some amazing things for you:

  • help kill any airborne germs floating around
  • give you some amazing emotional and mood boosting benefits 
  • Will make your living room, bedroom, or bathroom smell fabulous (I'm a mom of 2 boys - can you imagine what their bathroom smells like!)

Supplies for Your DIY Reed Diffuser

I use affiliate links in this article.  If you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission which does not change or affect your price.  Money earned goes towards the cost of running this web page.

A Pretty Vase

There are many choices when it comes to a vase for your reed diffuser.  You can find many pretty vases that are specifically made for reed diffuser and have a cap at the top with a whole for the reed sticks.

You could even choose to repurpose a vase you already have.   For example, grab a cute mason jar, and this makes a super cute, decorative, and inexpensive project.   The open top might make your ingredients evaporate a bit faster than a vase with a cap, but that's a choice you'll have to make.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07NJ6SFDZ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dnreeddiffuser 20&language=en US

I'm obsessed with these beautiful glass mosaic reed diffuser vases.  You can snag them on Amazon and they even come with 10 reed sticks!  

Snag an Amazon Prime Trial here so you can take advantage of free prime shipping for 30 days!.  

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01DRYUTKG&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dnreeddiffuser 20&language=en US

I love these vases  that are specifically made for reed diffusers.  They have a cap so your oils won't evaporate and the cap has a small opening just big enough for your reeds.

Reed Sticks

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You can purchase reed diffuser sticks at most craft stores like Hobby Lobby, and our trusty friend Amazon carries them.

I bought this pack of 100 for under $6.99.  That's clearly going to last me a while.  Since I have so many, I might make some teacher's gifts with them.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00PEUVPZU&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dnreeddiffuser 20&language=en US

The fractionated Coconut Oil will serve as your carrier oil.  The essential oils will bind to the fractionated coconut oil and keep everything combined nicely.

This is one that I frequently purchase from Amazon.  I love that it is made right here in the U.S.A.

Essential Oils to Use For Your DIY Reed Diffuser

You can add any essential oil you like, this is totally up to personal preference.  


I LOVE to use Lemongrass essential oil in my reed diffusers.  I always get compliments on the scent.

Here are a few ideas for your DIY Reed diffuser.  These can be used to refill your diffuser when the oils start to run low.

There are several pre-made Blends from doTERRA that don't need anything extra.  You'll love these just as they are:

Directions for DIY Reed Diffuser with Oil

It's super easy to make your own DIY Reed Diffuser and only takes a couple minutes to put it together.  

Make a homemade reed diffuser with essential oil

DIY Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Sticks

Make your own homemade reed diffuser with essential oils
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
ActiveTime: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes




  • Add your coconut oil to the vase
  • add essential oils to vase
  • add reed sticks to vase


It may take up to a day for the essential oil blend to make it's way up the diffuser for you to smell.
Flip each reed every 2-3 days for a stronger aroma and maximize the essential oils by making it last longer.

Comment below and share this post if you love this recipe! 

And share a pic of your homemade reed diffuser (tag me on social media @desertnaturals).  I love to see your creations.

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