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  1. Hi Dawn,
    Is it ok to leave the serum on overnight and wash out in the morning? Also is it safe to use it a few times a week?

  2. Hello! If you’re only using a couple of the essential oils, would you add more drops of each or keep it at 10?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Cherisse, you should use a total of anywhere from 30 drops to 50 drops of essential oils. Use more or less according to your personal preference . So if you’re only using 2 oils, use at least 15 drops of each oil.

  3. Your hair serum recipe looks wonderful, but my question is:
    After adding the essential oils in the 4 ounce bottle, you say to top off the bottle with your choice of oil. To me, this means to fill the bottle the rest of the way to the top. However, in your recipe, you say to add only 1 teaspoon of either one of the carrier oils after adding the drops of essential oil. I’m confused, because why would you only add 1 teaspoon of a carrier oil and put it in a 4 ounce bottle? Please be so kind as to clarify.

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