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DIY Dry Shampoo With Essential Oils

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How to make all natural DIY dry shampoo

make this all natural diy dry shampoo with doterra peppermint, lavender, and rosemary essential oil, arrowroot powder, and cocoa powder if you have dark hair.

 This  all natural dry shampoo recipe with essential oils is a great way to keep your hair looking, smelling, and feeling great for those days between washes.

Make your mornings easier by using dry shampoo.  You won't need to spend time shampooing, conditioning, combing out the tangles, and blow drying your hair.  Just use this and give yourself a few extra days in between washes.

This all natural DIY dry shampoo will keep your hair from looking too oily and if you add the essential oils, you will help encourage your hair to grow and condition the scalp!

Why use Homemade Dry Shampoo?

It's okay to give your hair a break from the shampoo every once in a while.  In fact, it's good to give it a rest.

Over washing can strip hair of it's natural oils and dry it out.   When this happens, your body will try to produce more oils to compensate and now you have even oilier hair.  It can lead to a vicious cycle.

Give your hair and scalp a few extra days in between washes.  If your hair starts to look too oily, you can use this dry shampoo.  The ingredients in the dry shampoo will soak up the oils and keep your hair looking and smelling fresh.

There are many benefits to making your own homemade dry shampoo.  The biggest is that you'll know exactly what's in it and can feel confident that it is non-toxic and contains only clean, safe ingredients.

Ingredients and Supplies for your DIY Dry Shampoo

This homemade dry shampoo only uses a couple of ingredients.  Arrowroot powder, and essential oils.  Depending on your hair color, you can add cocoa powder so that you can't see the white powder in your hair.

Arrowroot powder

arrowroot powder for diy dry shampoo

Arrow Root Powder is the main ingredient in this recipe.  It will soak up the oils and sweat in your hair and make it look cleaner.

Make sure you get an organic, non-gmo version like this one.

Cocoa Powder (for dark hair)

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If you have dark hair, you'll want to use cocoa powder for color.   I recommend finding an organic non-gmo cocoa powder like this highly rated and reasonably priced cocoa powder on Amazon.  I like that this one comes in a smaller size and doesn't cost a lot.

Make Up Brush

You'll want to use a makeup brush to apply your homemade dry shampoo.  I recommend finding an all natural eco-friendly brush if possible.  Let's all do our part to use sustainable, renewable items so that we can leave this earth a better place.

woman showing how apply your dry shampoo to the root of hair with a makeup brush
eco friendly makeup brush for diy dry shampoo application to roots of hair

I love this makeup brush from Eco Tools.  It's 100% cruetly free, made from recycled materials, and the handle is made from bamboo, which is one of the fasted renewable resources on the planet!  

Essential Oils that are Beneficial for hair growth and scalp conditioning

This recipe calls for three essential oils that are good for hair growth, and condition the scalp.

peppermint essential oil from doTERRA can help with metabolism, digestion, weight loss, and energy

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint can give hair a fresh scent, can give a tingly sensation to the skin and scalp, and has the potential to improve hair growth. 

doterra rosemary essential oil can be used in cooking just like the herb and has many health benefits including memory booster, respiratory and digestive system

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary stimulates hair growth, naturally cleanses the hair, gives hair a natural shine, and can help with dry, itchy, flaky scalp.

doTERRA Lavender essential oil can soothe and calm stress, help with sleep, and skin irritations


Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil can stimulate hair growth, is beneficial  for skin irritations and thus great for the scalp, and naturally calming.

How to Apply Your Homemade Dry Shampoo

To apply your dry shampoo, use a makeup brush and apply it to the roots of your hair where it's needed.  Brush out the excess.

woman showing how apply your dry shampoo to the root of hair with a makeup brush

DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

Here's the simple recipe and directions for how to make your homemade shampoo.  It only takes a few minutes!

If you like this recipe, please click on the 5 stars and share it.

diy dry shampoo with arrowroot powder and cocoa powder stored in glass jars, with d doterra peppermint, lavender and rosemary essential oil

DIY Dry Shampoo with Essential Oils

This dry shampoo made with essential oils is a great way to keep your hair looking, smelling, and feeling great for those days between washes.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
ActiveTime: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 0.25 cups


  • food processor



  • Add Arrowroot Powder, Cocoa Powder (if using), and essential oils to a food processor. Pulse Until Combined
  • Store in a glass mason jar or other airtight glass container (no plastic due to the essential oils)
  • To use, apply powder to roots of hair and oily parts of hair using a clean makeup brush.


  • If you have light hair, use the 1/4 cup arrowroot powder
  • If you have dark hair, use the 2 TBL arrowroot powder and 2 TBL cocoa powder.

If you like this recipe, please give it a 5 star rating above and share it!

diy dry shampoo recipe with arrowroot powder and essential oils to grow hair

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