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The Top 10 Essential Oils You Need Now

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doterra top 10 essential oils with price per drop

The Price Per Drop is only pennies!

Essential Oils are all the buzz right now.  But how do you know which oils you really need and what to use them for?  

It can be really overwhelming trying to figure it out.  

doTERRA has bundled these Top oils together.  With them you are empowered to handle any situation that comes your way.

Knowing what essential oil to reach for really depends on what kind of support you are needing.  There are many oils, and each oil is known for supporting specific ailments, and emotional needs.  So, how does one possibly know where to start and what oils to buy?

doTERRA has made it easy for us and bundled the Top 10 essential oils together.  These Top 10 oil will support just about every need you can think of.  Sure, there are other oils that support some of the same things, but this staple set of oils is really the most cost effective way to get started.  You can always expand your collection later.  Starting with the basics gives you a really good foundation.  Once you are comfortable using these, then it's time to start expanding.

doTERRA Oils Support just about any ailment

  • Kid has an upset stomach?
  • Is your head pounding?
  • Pollen got you down?
  • Back pain?  Knee pain? 
  • Can't sleep?
  • Is there a bug going around your kid's classroom and you want to keep yours from getting it?
  • Are your kid's stinky sports gear taking over?
  • Unwanted foot bacteria?
  • Is your partner snoring?
  • Have a teenager struggling with acne?
  • Do you or your kids have trouble staying focused at work or school?
  • struggling with feelings of self-doubt or sadness?
  • Do you frequently feel anxious or stressed?
  • scraped knee or owie?
  • dry, itchy skin?

  • These are just a few of the ailments you can handle with these Top 10 Oils.  I reach for them for EVERYTHING.  I reach for them for pretty much anything that is thrown my way on any given day.  And with 2 active boys, there's always something.  Whether it's a runny nose, cough, upset tummy, muscle aches & pains, one of them can't sleep (more like I can't sleep), or simply trying to focus and get homework done.   

    Rest assured that these oils are perfectly safe for kids.  My kids reach for my oils first for anything they need!  I love that they have learned how to use them, and trust them and KNOW that they work!   

    doterra top 10 essential oils in the healthy start kit

     I rarely buy over the counter products anymore.  I go to my oils every time, and am confident knowing they will work and usually work better and faster than the over the counter equivalent.  And what's even better is there are no side effects.You will find yourself going to these time and again for just about anything that pops up in your daily life.

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    The Top 10 Essential Oils & their uses


    Lavender - Lavender is known primarily for it's calming benefits.  It is also superbly beneficial for the skin, especially dry skin, aging skin, or injured and irritated skin.

    Lemon - detoxifying and cleansing.  Good to use in green cleaning recipes.  Good to support your kidneys.  High in antioxidants.

    Peppermint - Energizing.  Good for upset, gassy, stomachs or nausea.  Can help with achy and sore joints and muscles. Freshens breath.

    Tea Tree (a.k.a. Melaleuca) - known for it's purifying and cleaning benefits.  Great for teenager's (or any age) oily skin, smelly feet and shoes, your immune system, sores in the mouth, and an endless list of uses.

    Frankincense - Known as the King of Oils. This oil can be used for anything! It is known for being beneficial for cellular regeneration, is very calming for emotions, it also helps amplify the effect of any other oil when combined.  It is the oil to use when you don't know what oil to use.

    Oregano -

    Deep Blue Soothing Blend - This is the oil to use for achy joints and sore muscles and backs.  If you overdid your workout or spent a long day on your feet, this will feel soothing and cooling and put your body at ease.

    DigestZen Tummy Tamer - DigestZen is known as the tummy tamer because of it's ability to calm an upset tummy, nausea, gas and bloating.  It can be applied topically or taken internally for fast results. This is a must have for new moms who have babies that just can't seem to stop crying for no apparent reason.

    OnGuard Protective Blend - This super popular essential oil will help you stay healthy all year long, but especially during the winter months when there are so many bugs going around.   It can be diffused, applied topically, and taken internally.  Gargling with it for an itchy, raw throat gets it right where it needs to be.  It also makes a powerful all natural sanitizer spray for hands, and any surface that tends to be touched a lot like door knobs and menus.

    Breathe Respiratory Blend - Breathe Respiratory blend is my go - to oil.  It is the oil for anyone suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.  I use this on my son before resorting to an inhaler and it usually does the trick.  I diffuse it next to everyone's bed every single night to open up airways. It's great to diffuse or apply topically when you have a stuffy nose or cough.

    doterra healthy start top 10 essential oil kit with diffuser

    doTERRA has conveniently bundled all of these oils into a kit and thrown in the gorgeous Brevi diffuser.   The bundle saves you money! It would cost much more if you were to buy these products individually.

    And when you get your kit through me, you'll get access to my new member site packed with education, tips, and uses, my team groups, product education,  as well as a free thank you gift from me, plus unlimited support any time you have questions about your oils.

    Save money when you buy the Top 10 Kit

    You'll be saving money because doTERRA has bundled the oils together and thrown in a diffuser.  It's cheaper than buying these individually.

    Learn more!! Join my public education group to get daily education, tips, diffuser blends, and more.

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