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The Top 10 Essential Oils You Need Now

Handle any ailment that comes your way with these Top 10 Essential Oils from doTERRA by Dawn Goehring Desert Naturals

These are the Top 10 Oils that you can use for just about ailment that is thrown your way on any given day.  Click for a larger version.

The Top 10 Essential Oils You Need Now

Essential Oils are all the buzz right now.  But how do you know which oils you really need and what to use them for?  It can be really overwhelming trying to figure it out.  I get it.  So, I've got this super convenient guide for you.  

These are the Top 10 Oils that you can use to manage pretty much anything that comes your way on any given day.

If you're like me, then you experience at least a few of the following at least once  a day.  Any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Kid has an upset stomach?
  • Is your head pounding?
  • Pollen got you down?
  • Back pain?  Knee pain? 
  • Can't sleep?
  • Is there a bug going around your kid's classroom and you want to keep yours from getting it?
  • Are your kid's stinky sports gear taking over?
  • Unwanted foot bacteria?
  • Is your partner snoring?
  • Have a teenager struggling with acne?
  • Do you or your kids have trouble staying focused at work or school?
  • struggling with feelings of self-doubt or sadness?
  • Do you frequently feel anxious or stressed?
  • scraped knee or owie?
  • dry, itchy skin?

These are just a few of the ailments you can handle with these Top 10 Oils.  I reach for them for EVERYTHING.

I rarely buy over the counter products anymore.  I go to my oils every time, and am confident knowing they will work and usually work better and faster than the over the counter equivalent.  And what's even better is there are no side effects.

doTERRA has conveniently bundled all of these oils into a kit to save you money! And when you get your kit through me, you'll get access to my community groups, product education, my free guide "101 Essential Oil Uses", as well as a free gift from me.  

Click Here to check it out and see if this is something for you!

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