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DIY OnGuard Hand Sanitizer Spray Recipe

Make your own hand sanitizer spray with OnGuard essential oil from doTERRA

This is my DIY OnGuard Hand Sanitizer Spray recipe that I have been using for years.  doTERRA OnGuard essential oil is the perfect choice for keeping hands clean due to it's immune system boosting properties.

 I quit purchasing traditional hand sanitizers years ago since those can kill the good bacteria that act as a first line of defense for our bodies.   We need all the help we can get. 

I always keep several of these DIY OnGuard Hand Sanitizer Sprays handy all the time.  I have 2 or 3 in the console of my car, several in my purse, in each bathroom, the kitchen, and in my kid's lunchboxes.  I like to think they use them, but I'm pretty sure my 13 year old is way too cool to do that.

We use them on EVERYTHING.  Anything that is a high touch surface.  When you are out and about, think about how many hands have touched a surface before you.

These surfaces can include:

  • tables at restaurants (have you ever thought about how they use the same cloth to wipe multiple tables?)
  • Door handles
  • menus
  • shopping cart handles
  • my purse handles
  • my phone
  • my hands and my kid's hands after touching literally ANYTHING
  • in my kid's lunchboxes so they can spray their hands before eating. (I know at least one of them uses it)
  • and any other "high touch" surface like doorknobs, toilets, faucets.

I usually order the premade doTERRA OnGuard Hand Sanitizer Spray,   But - it is super easy to make your own version from home by using OnGuard Essential Oil.  You can save those spray bottles from the premade sanitizer, and refill them  If you don't have any to reuse, you can purchase some like these on Amazon.  

How to make hand sanitizer with doTERRA OnGuard essential oil

Where to get Spray Bottles:  

You can grab spray bottles  like these on Amazon.  

I've been making this exact recipe for years.  I don't typically add the alcohol, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  

If you can't find Isopropyl Alcohol, I've heard you can use Everclear because it has a high enough alcohol content, but I have no scientific backing for that.  Use at your own discretion.  Many people have been resorting to vodka, but it does not have a high enough alcohol content.

Please note that doTERRA uses a plant based ethyl alcohol in their OnGuard Hand Spray recipe - not ispopropyl alcohol.  I've looked to see see if there is an Amazon equivalent, but the ones I see on Amazon don't appear to be safe for topical use.  

how to make your own OnGuard hand Sanitizer Spray with doTERRA onGuard essential oil


  1. Add 20 - 30 drops of doTERRA OnGuard essential oil to a 30ml spray bottle
  2. Fill 3/4 of the way with rubbing alcohol
  3. Top the bottle off with fractionated coconut oil.
  4. Shake to get everything incorporated together.

To Use:

  • Gently shake before using
  • Spray as needed

Comment on this post below when you make yours and let me know how you like it, or if you have any questions.

How to make your own doTERRA OnGuard Hand Sanitizer Spray using onguard essential oil from doTERRA and rubbing alcohol

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Dawn Goehring

Holistic Living Mom with years of experience with essential oils. I have a doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist certification, and Aromatherapy with distinction diploma. Essential Oils enabled my son to live life again to his fullest after struggling to do basic activities like go to school and play soccer. Because his life was so drastically improved, a passion was ignited in me to learn as much as possible about essential oils, including how they are sourced, tested, and ultimately how they work in the body. I love to make my own all natural beauty products and rarely purchase cleaners or otc products from the store. doTERRA is the first essential oil brand I was ever introduced to and it has worked so well for us that I am now a loyal follower and educator.

  • Tammy says:

    Just Finished making the hand sanitizer recipe! Poured it in an empty doTERRA Sanitizing Mist bottle.
    Thank you! I love this recipe!

  • ReinRae says:

    I’ve been doing this all during the COVID19 virus, except I’ve been using aloe Vera gel instead of oil. Love making our own.

  • Jess Montgomery says:

    Thank you for your instructions for making this hand spray. I usually buy the pre-made stuff but its unavailable now so this post is very helpful!
    I noticed that you’re under the impression that restaurants use the same rag all night. This is simply not true. Rags are changed frequently throughout the day and night. While the same rag may be used for more than one table it isn’t used for too long. Just thought I’d ease your mind and direct you away from touting misinformation on your site.

    • Good to know they change them out, Jess. I’m a big time germaphobe so I tend to get a little nuts on stuff like this. My family is constantly rolling their eyes every time I pull my spray out and start spraying like a fanatic. 😉

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