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photo of diy homemade natural body wash on a towel

This DIY Homemade Natural Body Wash recipe with essential oils and castile soap is a fun way to wake up your senses in the morning, or calm them down at night before bed.  You can make one for morning using energizing essential oils, and one for bedtime using calming essential oils.

And since this body wash is homemade, you can feel good about what’s in it, knowing that there are no harsh chemicals or bad ingredients that can dry out your skin and wreak havoc on your endocrine system. 

Read on to learn how to make a homemade natural body wash with this recipe that calls for ingredients like castile soap, vegetable glycerin and essential oils for the scent.   Did you know that fragrance is one of the most harmful ingredients in store bought body wash?

Once you learn how to make body wash, you can customize the scent to your liking with your choice of your favorite essential oil.

I love this body wash because it contains simple ingredients, no artificial fragrances or toxic chemicals, and works great as a natural soap and gentle cleanser.

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photo of diy homemade natural body wash with 4 ingredients with bathtub

Ingredients for your Homemade DIY Body Wash

Liquid Castile Soap

You’ll need some liquid Castile Soap.  

Be sure to choose an all natural, unscented castile soap so it doesn’t change the scent of you body wash.  I love to use Dr. Bronner unscented baby Castile soap. You can usually find it at the grocery store or grab it from Amazon.

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Don’t have prime?  Grab a trial to take advantage of the free shipping!

Vegetable Glycerin

  Without this, it won’t bubble or foam.  

In addition to help your body wash to foam, when applied to the skin, glycerin draws moisture from the environment and delivers it to the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. This process is particularly beneficial for individuals with dry skin.

 I have used this one, and like it because it’s non-gmo, sustainable palm-based, and pharmaceutical grade. 

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Carrier Oil 

Almond, Grapeseed, Coconut, Argan oil would also work, Choose your favorite.

I have bought and used THIS JOJOBA OIL from Amazon and love it. You will be able to use the Jojoba oil for more than one essential oil DIY project. This DIY Facial Serum recipe calls for it, and so does this Essential Oil Men’s Cologne.

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Supplies for your DIY Homemade Body Wash

Soap Dispensers

You’ll need a soap dispenser container that is safe for essential oils.  Some plastic containers aren’t safe to use with essential oils since the oils can break down the plastic.   It’s best to use a glass bottle, but I know that can be slippery in the shower and potentially hazardous, especially if you are like me and things seem to slip right through your fingers.

A high quality PET plastic is generally a safer option for your homemade body wash.  I like to use the kind that are meant for hand soap.  These liquid soap dispensers are perfect for body wash.

THESE pump bottles on Amazon with prime shipping are inexpensive, highly rated, can be refilled over and over again.  They are perfect for this homemade body wash!

re-use an empty store-bought body wash container that has been washed out.  

If you prefer to use a glass container, a basic mason jar would be a great way to store your body wash – just be careful that it doesn’t slip through your wet hands and break in the shower.

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You’ll want to be sure to use pure essential oils and not fragrance oils in your homemade body wash.  High quality, therapeutic grade essential oils have wonderful benefits for the skin.   However, fragrance oils contain synthetic ingredients and can cause skin irritation, mess with your hormones, and can dry your skin out.

There’s no rule on which essential oils you can use.  I recommend trying your favorite scents.  Once you try a few different scents you’ll find one or two that you love!

Here are a few essential oil blends to give you some ideas.

doterra peppermint essential oil

For an Energizing Body Wash


SerenityLavender crop 1 scaled

For a Calming Body Wash



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photo of diy homemade natural body wash on a towel

DIY Homemade Body Wash Recipe

Author: Dawn Goehring
DIY Homemade Body Wash Recipe with all natural ingredients. Learn how to make bodywash with castile soap and essential oil that can double as a shower gel and won't dry out your skin. Homemade body wash saves you money and is better for you than store bought.
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  • Combine the Castile soap, vegetable glycerin and jojoba oil into your container.
  • Add 15 – 20 total drops of your essential oil(s).  More if needed.
  • Gently shake before each use.
  • Store your body wash out of the direct sunlight at room temperature.

How to use Your Homemade DIY Body Wash

Be sure to give your body wash a good shake before using to make sure the ingredients are combined.

Ditch the TOXIC plastic shower poofs that are horrible for us and the environment.  Use a natural loofah or organic washcloth to scrub away dry, dead skin.  Squeeze about a dime size drop onto a washcloth or loofah.

natural loofah to use with diy essential oil bodywash


 I love these pumice stones!  They are fantastic for keeping the skin on the heals of our feet looking and feeling great.  Using on of these regularly can help prevent painful cracked heels.

Final thoughts on making a DIY Body Wash with Essential Oils

Making your own homemade body wash is fast and easy and so much better for us because we know it contains all natural, safe, and healthy ingredients.  

There are no synthetic preservatives or fillers which can put toxins into our bloodstream which wreak havoc on our hormones.

The fragrance comes from pure, natural essential oils.  Please only use CPTG essential oils and not a “fragrance oil” which can actually be quite toxic.  Do your research and make sure you are using a high quality true essential oil without fillers.

Once you make your own body wash, you’ll never go back to store bought again!


image of homemade bodywash with essential oil and text How to make aromatherapy body wash

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Before You Go, See What’s New On The Blog

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Dawn has earned an aromatherapist degree and has earned a doTERRA essential oil specialist certification which is a fancy way of saying she has learned a lot about the chemistry of essential oils and how they work in the body.

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    1. Hi Valinda – PET plastic is safe for essential oils – and definitely much safer in the shower than glass. The link I have above in the post is for a PET plastic pump bottle and would work well for this bodywash.

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