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Why It’s Important to Store Your Essential Oil Bottles Properly

Essential Oil Storage is important to ensure your oils last a long time, and are easy to access.

Properly storing your essential oils is important to ensure they last. Direct Sunlight or extreme temperatures can cause essential oils to oxidize. For this reason, you want to store your essential oil collection in a cool, dark place.

The good news is that following a few best practices will extend the shelf life of your pure essential oils.

To start, you’ll want to keep your oils in cool locations, away from any light source. The dark glass of essential oil bottles helps protect your oils and preserve the chemical composition. However, amber glass bottles alone are not enough to fully protect the shelf life of your oils. This is especially true if you have any clear glass bottles like many 10 ml roller bottles tend to be.

It’s also important to store your essential oils out of reach of young children for safety reasons. Even though most essential oils are safe for children in controlled amounts and properly diluted, they should be kept out of reach just as you would medications.

It’s a good idea to have a special spot in your home where you keep your essential oils collection. It’s also a good idea to store them away from direct light. Keep them off the window sill and don’t place the bottles directly under a lamp. Even with the added protection of the darker colored glass bottles, they’re likely to evaporate more quickly if the bottles become warm beneath a strong light.

You’ll want to pick a location with consistent temperatures. Make sure the room temperature is not too hot.

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Types of essential oils storage

There are many great ways to store your essential oils.

A few of these include:

A great place to store your precious oils without taking up much space is inside a drawer, cabinet, in essential oil boxes, or essential oil storage bag.

There are also roller bottle displays for countertops and diffuser trays so that you can keep your oils handy next to your diffuser.

Here are some of my favorite Essential Oil Storage Options. Perhaps one of these will inspire you and help you find a way to store your oils that works for you.

Essential Oil Storage Shelf for your Wall

An essential oil wall shelf is a great option to be able to see your individual bottles for easy access. Here is a highly rated essential oil shelf for your wall on Amazon.

Small Essential Oil storage for your countertop

These work well for your bathroom counter, kitchen counter, or nightstand. Keep one with your most used oils next to your diffuser so that it’s quick and easy to start your diffuser in the morning.

Many people also like to use a simple spice rack. You can pick one up at the store or you could grab one of these 3D printed stands which are similar to a spice rack and have holes for your essential oil bottles

Small Countertop Essential Oil Storage Stands and Displays

You may prefer the wood look and there are lots of designs available. Here is a popular choice

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Essential Oil Box

Essential Oil Storage boxes are a nice way to get your oils stored out of sight in a closed space. There are boxes available in every size imaginable.

Most boxes have separators inside so that each oil bottle has it’s own space. This keeps the oil bottles secure in case you move the box.

Some boxes are double level, some are small single level.

I’ve even found inexpensive boxes at Target that aren’t necessarily intended to be used as an essential oil storage box, but work really well. There were no separators inside the box, but as long as the box isn’t going to be moved around, that’s ok.

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Essential Oil Storage rack for a drawer

When putting your essential oils in a drawer – perhaps your bathroom drawer or a kitchen drawer, one of these will help with keeping your oil bottles from falling over and rolling around in the drawer when you open it. The trick with these is to make sure you have a label on the top of each oil bottle so you know what’s what.

A great storage solution for keeping your collection of essential oils inside drawers and cabinets while providing easy access is an essential oil storage tray.

This storage tray is perfect to put in a cabinet or drawer. It holds up to 64 of your favorite oils!

white background with image of essential oil display shelf holding doterra bottles and rollers

Soft Essential Oil Storage Case for Travel & Transporting Oils

Planning a vacation or a weekend getaway? You’ll want a travel case for your essential oils so they don’t break

A soft sided essential oil storage case can be a convenient way to transport your essential oils. There are many options available. Here is an example

Hopefully you have found something that will help you get your essential oils organized and protected. We here at Desert Naturals have a variety of small essential oil bottle and roller storage stands and organizers.

We have custom designed all of them and print them in house with a 3D printer. When you order from us, you are supporting our small business and getting a hand made product that is as practical as it is beautiful.

You can check all of the essential oil storage designs here

images of our 3d printed essential oil storage and holder designs

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