DIY Purifying Cleaning Wipes - Desert Naturals - doTERRA Essential Oils with Dawn Goehring

DIY Purifying Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes are extremely convenient and are great to have on hand when wiping down surfaces. Making your own wipes is easy, fun, effective, and affordable. You probably already have everything you need in your home, so get going!  



make your own disinfecting wipes
  1. Cut paper towels in half and stack into a neat pile.  
  1. Roll up and stuff into a quart size wide mouth jar or large zip lock bag.
  2. Mix ingredients and pour over paper towels.  
  3. Put the lid on or zip and shake to moisten towels.

**Recipe taken from "The Essential Life" book- my favorite essential oil reference book.  Grab it on Amazon here

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