Cleaning & Disinfecting wipes are extremely convenient and are great to have on hand when wiping down surfaces.  However, most store bought wipes have harsh chemicals that are not only irritating to your skin, but are also harmful and can end up causing hormone imbalances which lead to other health issues.

diy homemade sanitizing wipes with essential oil

Making your own wipes is easy, fun, effective, and affordable. You probably already have everything you need in your home, so get going!  

Where to Use Sanitizing Wipes

use your homemade sanitizing wipes with essential oils to get rid of germs on your cell phone and clean the screen

You can use sanitizing wipes as a convenient way to clean pretty much any surface. Your cellphone for example is one of the germiest (is that even a word?) surfaces we encounter every day.

Shopping Cart handles are another place that should be wiped down before handling. These wipes are safe and gentle and won’t irritate your hands like the ones the stores provide. I’ve ended up with raw, red, and very tender skin after using those harsh wipes that are full of who knows what kind of chemicals.

Supplies and Ingredients for Your Sanitizing Wipes

Isopropyl Alcohol

The main sanitizing ingredient you’ll need for these wipes is rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)

I have purchased this medical grade isopropyl alcohol from Amazon and used it in my DIY Sanitizing On Guard Hand Spray and it also works well for these homemade sanitizing wipes.

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Essential Oils

This recipe calls for Lavender and Lemon Essential Oil. I have also used On Guard instead so choose your favorite.

Other Supplies you’ll need include Water, Paper Towels and White Vinegar.

How to Make Homemade Sanitizing Wipes



make your own disinfecting wipes
  1. Cut paper towels in half and stack into a neat pile.  
  1. Roll up and stuff into a quart size wide mouth jar or large zip lock bag or even reuse an old wipes container that you have washed out.
  2. Mix ingredients and pour over paper towels.  
  3. Put the lid on or zip and shake to moisten towels.

**Recipe taken from “The Essential Life” book– my favorite essential oil reference book.  Grab it on Amazon here

Wrapping Up DIY Sanitizing Wipes

These sanitizing wipes are an effective and safe way to sanitize surfaces. They don’t contain all the toxic chemicals that store bought wipes have. Keep them handy to use any time you would normally use a wipe.

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