7 Must Have Essential Oils for Summer Survival

7 doterra essential oil summer must haves

This Summer Survival Kit will get through the summer with these 7 must have essential oils. These are all in an easy to use roller or spray and can be kept easily in a cosmetics case in your purse.  You’ll be prepared for any situation!  These are all perfectly safe for kids, too.

Throw everything into a small cosmetics bag to keep it all organized and together.  Hit up the Dollar Spot at Target and you can usually find one that fits everything perfectly.

‚Äč1.Too Much Heat

Peppermint Touch Roller – Overheated?  Swipe this down the back of your neck for instant cooling.  Peppermint has been shown to help lower body temperature.  Use it as needed throughout the day.

2.Too Much Sun

Lavender Touch Roller – Did you stay out in the sun too long and forget your sunscreen?  Lavender to the rescue!  Lavender is super beneficial to our skin and can help it with the healing process.  Combine this with the cooling effects of the Peppermint Touch Roller and your skin will be feeling much better in no time.

3.Too Many Bugs

doTERRA TerraShield Bug Spray– You’ll want Terrashield Bug spray on hand anytime you’re spending time in the great outdoors.  Terrashield bug spray will be your best friend any time you are camping, hiking, or hanging out in the backyard in the evening.  Just spray it on exposed skin.  This bug spray has no deet or nasty chemicals and is safe for kids.  You can feel good about what you are using on your family.

4.Too Much Junk Food

DigestZen Touch Roller– Swipe the DigestZen across your tummy or your kid’s tummies anytime you’ve overdone it with the junk food or eaten something that you know doesn’t agree with you.  Eat too many deep fried corn dogs at the county fair?  Ate some pizza and you’re lactose intolerant?  Mexican food too spicy?  This will help alleviate discomfort.  You’ll feel better almost instantly!  Gas, bloating, indigestion can all take a back seat.5. 

5.Too Many Tumbles

Correct-X First Aid Ointment– This ointment is a powerful alternative to petroleum filled first aid ointments.  Use this for cuts, scrapes, bruises, ear piercings, chapped lips, dry skin, cracked heels, and any other time your skin needs some TLC.  It has some powerful essential oils in it that go to work quickly.  I’ve even used this after having moles removed from my skin.

6.Too Many Germs

doTERRA OnGuard Sanitizer Spray is the perfect way to clean hands and other surfaces when soap and water isn’t available.  For example, use this to spray down shopping cart handles, menu’s and tabletops at restaurants, doorknobs, and especially hands.  You can even refill this spray or make your own – see how here.

7.Too Many Emotions

doTERRA Adaptiv Touch Rolleris the perfect way to help calm emotions, anxiety and stress.  Moms – are your kids getting on your last nerves?  Are you kiddos overtired and losing it?  Teenagers attitudes becoming too much?  This roller can be used on kids of all ages, and adults,  Use as needed to calm and soothe out of control emotions and get your patience level under control.

Summer Savings

Snag this Summer Survival Kit and get wholesale pricing!

These 7 blends make up the perfect essential oil summer survival kit.  Keep these in a little makeup bag and carry them with you on your outings this summer and you’ll be prepared for all emergencies!

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