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Cranberry Lime Sprizter Recipe

refreshing summer drink or festive holiday drink with carbonated water, cranberries and Lime

Cranberry and Lime Spritzer is one of my all time favorite drinks!  It's wonderfully refreshing, especially on a hot day.   I usually make a big pitcher of it and customize it depending on the situation and my mood. 

This could be made into a cocktail by adding either Gin or Vodka.

The Lime essential oil ads anti-oxidant and cleansing benefits.



  1. Fill glass with ice and pour sparking water or lemon-lime soda half way.
  2. Fill additional half of glass with cranberry juice.
  3. Add 1 drop Lime essential oil and stir.

Tip: For garnish, add sliced limes and/or fresh cranberries.

Bonus Tip:  Add some Gin or Vodka to make this a delicious cocktail!

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