diy shower melts with balance

Bath bombs have been all the rage recently, but if you prefer showers to baths, this DIY is for you. These grounding shower tablets add a luxurious aromatic experience to your shower and are easy to make. You can use any of your favorite topical oils in the shower (Eucalyptus is always a great choice), but for this DIY we recommend using doTERRA Balance® Grounding Blend.doTERRA Balance includes a unique blend of Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile oils that work together to provide an emotionally stabilizing effect. As you incorporate this blend into your shower routine, you will be able to relax and focus on re-centering your emotions.Keep a stash of these tablets in your bathroom for easy access the next time you need some balance.Ingredients1 ½ cups baking soda15–20 drops doTERRA Balance® ½ cup waterInstructions

  1. Combine baking soda and water in a bowl and mix well.
  2. Add 15–20 drops of doTERRA Balance depending on your preferred potency and mix again.
  3. Using a spoon, tightly pack mixture into small silicone molds and let dry overnight.
  4. To use, place one or two tablets in the back of your shower. (For best results, find a spot away from the direct flow of water).
  5. Allow tablets to dissolve gradually and release the calming aroma of doTERRA Balance.

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