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Palmarosa Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Enjoy this collection of 8 Palmarosa Essential Oil diffuser blends / recipes.  Palmarosa essential oil has a light floral oil smell when diffused and  has compounds in it very similar to Rose Essential Oil. 

Though its name, Palmarosa, makes it sound like it might be a tree or a rose plant, Palmarosa essential oil actually comes from a grass that is steam distilled, harvested and dried before it flowers.

Palmarosa contains a high percentage of geraniol, which is one of the same primary aroma constituents in Rose essential oil.

Palmarosa is one of nature’s skin rejuvenators, and can be added to cleansers and moisturizers, making it useful in skin care routines.

Primary Benefits:

• Creates a soft and uplifting aroma

• Nourishes and rejuvenates the look of skin 

• Adds to comforting, stimulating massage

doTERRA Palmarosa Essential Oil

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