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doTERRA MetaPWR System


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MetaPWR System

The MetaPWR system helps you live your most powerful life, supporting your metabolism, energy, and health on a cellular level.* Designed to be used in a system, each MetaPWR product offers a specialty, while also supporting and enhancing the benefits of the other products.

The MetaPWR System includes the following:

For a limited time, this kit qualifies as a membership enrollment kit and will also include one year of doTERRA Wholesale membership for new doTERRA customers!

Size: 1 kit

Primary Benefits of the doTERRA MetaPWR System

Your metabolic health and biological age are inseparable. As you age, so does your metabolic function. Your metabolism influences your energy, weight, body composition, and even cognitive performance.

The stronger and healthier your metabolic function, the better you feel from the inside out.

The MetaPWR System is the first and only system that synergistically provides support for a healthy metabolism, curbing cravings, sustaining normal-range glycemic and insulin response evenly throughout the day, and naturally promoting cellular energy*.

When combined with healthy lifestyle choices, MetaPWR products can help you feel great and look younger.*

The 3-Step MetaPWR System

Here’s how to maximize the powerful products in this system:

Step 1

the doterra metapwr system products step 1 on a stool

Eat a well-balanced, whole-food diet and add MetaPWR Metabolic Blend products to your daily routine to support overall metabolic health.

Preclinical studies suggest MetaPWR Metabolic Blend can help curb cravings and inhibit fat cell maturation.*†

  • Add a drop of the 15 mL essential oil blend to your water throughout the day.
  • When you’re on the go and a craving hits, pop a beadlet or a piece of gum in your mouth instead.
  • You can also try adding softgels to your daily supplement routine.

Step 2

image of doTERRA MetaPWR Assist bottle and capsules on a kitchen counter

Take MetaPWR Metabolic Assist with your largest meal of the day for optimal energy*.

This powerhouse supplement is formulated with mulberry leaf extract, which can support sustained energy more evenly throughout the day.*†

Encouraging more stability in your normal-range blood glucose can support healthier biological aging*. Take one capsule of MetaPWR Assist 15–30 minutes before your meal.

Step 3

image of woman pouring doterra metapwr advantage collagen into glass of water

Consistent daily use of MetaPWR Advantage, with marine collagen and NMN, can support a healthy metabolic age, helping you feel great and look younger.*

When combined with the rest of the MetaPWR System and healthy lifestyle choices, MetaPWR Advantage can help maintain healthy levels of NAD+ and collagen in your cells, supporting cognitive function, lean muscle, connective tissue, and skin health.*

Pour the contents of one sachet into a shaker bottle with five to eight ounces of cool or room temperature liquid. Shake well before drinking.

Recommended Uses for the MetaPWR System

  • Take MetaPWR Metabolic Blend internally to help reduce hunger cravings.*
  • Take one capsule of MetaPWR Assist daily with at least eight ounces of water 15 to 30 minutes before your largest meal.
  • Take one sachet of MetaPWR Advantage per day. Add contents of the sachet to five to eight ounces of cold or room temperature water. Stir or shake before drinking.
  • Take up to five MetaPWR Softgels as needed throughout the day.
  • Chew a MetaPWR Beadlet as needed up to four times a day.
  • Chew a piece of MetaPWR Metabolic Blend Satiety Gum when hunger cravings come.* Store in a cool, dry place.


If you’re under the age of 18, pregnant, nursing, under a doctor’s care, or about to start an exercise or metabolic health program, consult your physician before use.


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