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Here are 13 Sweet smelling Vanilla essential oil diffuser blends. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of using vanilla essential oil diffuser blends and where to buy vanilla essential oil.

In addition to using Vanilla in the diffuser, you can break out your bakeware and whip up the best tasting vanilla lavender shortbread cookies, or layer with your favorite oils for a custom pure-fume.

doTERRA Vanilla essential oil is the most requested essential oil! It’s finally here and smells so warm and inviting and is so calming. Enjoy it in these diffuser blends and your home will smell super cozy. You can also use it as a personal perfume and it is approved for cooking, too!

Why use doTERRA’s Madagascar Vanilla

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Vanilla is one of the rarest spices in the world. In fact, less than 1% of the world’s vanilla is pure vanilla.

Vanilla planifolia must be pollinated by hand, and it only blooms to be pollinated one, single day out of the whole year (no pressure on the farmers at all).

doTERRA Madagascar Vanilla is an absolute combined with fractionated coconut oil.

This product is safe for topical, aromatic, AND internal use!

Get ready to pop a drop in the diffuser with your favorite florals or woody oils to create a warm depth.

Pro Tip → Drop in 3 drops of On Guard and 1 drop Madagascar Vanilla for your new holiday scent, or layer your favorite floral oil for an intoxicating aphrodisiac aroma!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vanilla Essential Oil Diffuser Blends?

Vanilla is very calming. Use it in a diffuser to help if feeling stressed or anxious or you simply want to mellow out.

Vanilla provides a rich, warm scent and creates a comforting and relaxing atmosphere when you use it in your diffuser.

Ways to Use Vanilla Essential Oil

In addition to diffusing Vanilla, here are a few ideas for other ways you can use Vanilla Essential Oil.

a list of ideas on ways to use vanilla essential oil
  • Stress: Apply to the back of your neck to lessen feelings of stress
  • Hello Libido: Vanilla can stimulate the secretion of certain hormones to help support your sex drive
  • Menstrual Tension: Rub over your lower stomach along with Clary Sage essential oil
  • Uplift Your Mood: Apply to pulse points and inhale deeply
  • Nervous System: Use vanilla topically, aromatically or internally for it’s positive, calming effects
  • Immune System: Add to a veggie capsule along with Thyme and Copaiba to support a healthy immune system
  • Anxious Feelings: Inhale deeply and rub on pulse points and over your heart
  • Base Note: Add to any oil blend that needs a warm and sweet base note
  • Antioxidant: Take internally to help eliminate free radicals

Vanilla Diffuser Blends

Vanilla Diffuser Blends 199 192902

Pumpkin Spice diffuser blend

Dreamsicle Diffuser Blend

Sweet and Soft Diffuser Blend

Vanilla Chai Diffuser Blend

Lullaby Diffuser Blend

Happy Holidays Diffuser Blend

Rootbeer Float Diffuser Blend

More Vanilla Diffuser Blends

Vanilla Diffuser Blends 122 192802

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Sweet Dreams

Sweater Weather

Sweet Musk

Lemon Meringue Pie

Rootbeer Float

Extra Vanilla Diffuser Blends

If all the previous Vanilla diffuser blends aren’t enough, here’s a few more to enjoy!

the doterra petal diffuser and vanilla essential oil with a list of diffuser blends

Comment below with questions or with your favorite way to use it!

Where to buy doTERRA Vanilla for your diffuser

image indicating doterra certified site is safe to shop for doterra

You can buy doTERRA Madagascar Vanilla in my doTERRA Certified Shop along with all other doTERRA Essential Oils

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doterra vanilla essential oil blends

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