doTERRA Essential Oils

  • image of 3d printed essential oil storage stand display with doterra bottleswhite background with essential oil stands stacked

    Essential Oil Storage Stand


    Keep your  essential oil  bottles organized with this beautiful custom made 3d printed organizer stand.  Perfect for nightstands, bathroom and kitchen counters.


  • rollers to make your own rolleball essential oil blends

    10 mL Amber Roller Bottle 6pk


    These 10 mL roller bottles are the same high quality steel roller and amber glass bottles used by doTERRA.  Perfect for blending, sharing, and enjoying your favorite DIY oil blends safely. This pack comes with 6 bottles, 6 roller ball tops and 6 black caps.

  • doTERRA Breath Touch roller is an easy to use roll on with Breath essential oil for asthma, congestion, and respiratory conditionsdoTERRA Breathe Touch Essential Oil Roller in woman's hands

    doTERRA Breathe Touch 10 ml Roller


    doTERRA Breathe Touch Essential Oil Roller is an easy to use roll on that helps promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.

  • Cinnamon essential oil from doTERRA can help support healthy metabolismbottle of doterra cinnamon essential oil in white bowl with sprig of eucalyptus

    doTERRA Cinnamon Essential Oil 5ml


    doTERRA Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

    doTERRA Cinnamon Bark essential oil benefits the entire body by boosting the immune system and metabolic system.  Studies have shown it can support a healthy kidney, colon and gastrointestinal health.

  • white background with botthe of doterra wild orange essential oiluses for doterra wild orange essential oil

    doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil


    doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil is one of doTERRA’s top selling essential oils because of it’s sweet scent, and is a must have in any oil collection.  Wild Orange has multiple health benefits and an energizing aroma that can uplift the mind and body.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil from doTERRA can help with energy, headaches, indigestion, gas, nausea, bloating, and joint pain

    doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil


    doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil is one of the most popular and best selling favorite essential oils from doTERRA.

    The high menthol content of the doTERRA Peppermint essential oil sets it apart from others when it comes to quality.

  • white background with image of tube of doterra baby diaper rash creamphoto of doterra baby diaper rash cream on minimalist background with natural diaper

    doTERRA Baby Diaper Rash Cream   


    doTERRA Baby Diaper Rash Cream   doTERRA Baby Diaper Rash Cream is a safe, effective, natural way to care for your baby. The calming blend of essential oils will leave your baby, and even big kids, with a light clean scent. Description Safe and effective, dōTERRA Baby Diaper Rash Cream spreads easily on delicate baby…

  • maintain optimal humidity levels while diffusing essential oils with the doterra dawn humidifier diffuserenjoy optimal humidity levels while diffusing essential oils with the doterra dawn diffuser humidifier

    doTERRA Dawn Aroma Humidifier Diffuser


    The doTERRA Dawn Aroma Humidifier is designed to create the ultimate comfort level in any room. The Dawn Aroma-Humidifier allows you to enjoy the scents of your favorite essential oils, while also maintaining optimum humidity levels as you sleep.

    The Dawn Aroma-Humidifier features a smart sleep mode that automatically adjusts to keep things perfectly humid throughout the night, which helps you create the ideal environment for a good night’s sleep.

    The diffuser also has a low noise level, so it won’t keep you up at night. Plus it includes an automatic safety shutoff, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it on for too long.

  • 14 hour powerful essential oil Volo diffuser from doTERRA in black Onxy14 hour powerful doTERRA Volo essential oil diffuser in white marble

    doTERRA Volo Diffuser



    The doTERRA Marble Volo essential oil diffuser is the perfect addition to enhance any environment with the aromatic benefits of CPTG® essential oils.

    Powerful and uniquely refined.  With two uniquely crafted options, Volo Marble and Volo Onyx compliment any home or office decor.

    Select White Marble or Black Onyx

  • Become a doTERRA wholesale member and save 25% on doTERRA for a full year

    Wholesale Membership


    doTERRA Wholesale Membership will give you 25% off your order here today, plus all doTERRA products for 1 year. You will be able to order from your own doTERRA account online anytime you like.

    There are never any selling or buying requirements.

  • bottle of doterra adaptive capsules with a plant in the background

    doTERRA Adaptiv™ Capsules Calming Blend


    doTERRA Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules combine the soothing benefits of specifically selected CPTG® essential oils with clinically studied botanicals.

    A supportive and relaxing formula, this proprietary blend of ingredients helps empower and encourage when adapting to stressful situations or acclimating to new surroundings.*

    The Adaptiv Calming Blend Capsules are one of the best tools available to help manage the effects of everyday tension, anxious feelings, uneasiness, and worry.*

  • doTERRA Frankincense essential oil is known as the king of oils and can be used for almost any purpose. When in doubt, use Frankincense. Especially good for cellular health, pain, and emotional of doTERRA Frankincense on wood

    doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil


    doTERRA Frankincense Essential oil is often called the “king of oils”.

    Frankincense promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness when used aromatically, while topical and internal uses provide modern health benefits, particularly cellular regeneration and overall health.*


    The most cost-effective way to purchase Frankincense Essential Oil is to buy one of our discount bundle kits that contain Frankincense.

    The Healthy Essentials or Healthy Start Kit are our most popular bundles which contain Frankincense and are discounted over 25%

    Healthy Start Kit: For only $60 more, you will receive our “small bottle” kit which contains 10 5ml  doTERRA essential oils, plus a diffuser!

    Healthy Essentials Kit: Our “big bottle” kit which contains 10 full size 15ml bottles of doTERRA essential oils, plus a 14 hour diffuser.

  • white background with image of doTERRA clary calm rollerblue and white flower pot in background with bottle of doterra clary calm 10ml roller

    doTERRA ClaryCalm Women’s Hormone Blend 10ml roller


    As a proprietary blend designed to provide a soothing effect during a woman’s menstrual cycle, doTERRA Clary Calm offers cooling effects for the skin and balance for emotions.  Perfect when experiencing cramps as a result of PMS, or Hot Flashes from Menopause.

  • 15ml bottle of doTERRA On Guard Essential Oil on white background

    doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend 15ml


    Boost your immune system naturally with doTERRA On Guard Essential Oil.  On Guard is one of doTERRA’s most popular blends because it is your immune system’s first line of defense.


  • white background with image of doTERRA Serenity Sleep stickphoto of the doterra serenity sleep stick open

    doTERRA Serenity Sleep Stick + Valerian


    Preparing for bed has never been more convenient than with the quick absorption and smooth application of the doTERRA Serenity Stick + Valerian. doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend features CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® Lavender essential oil—known to soothe the skin when applied topically, while delivering a comforting, grounding aroma that contributes to a restful environment. The…

  • white background with image of doTERRA Lip Balm original flavororiginal formula doterra lip balm on striped towel

    doTERRA Lip Balm (Original)


    doTERRA Lip Balm Original This extra-moisturizing lip balm contains coconut, moringa seed, and avocado oils along with beeswax to glide easily across the lips, leaving behind deep hydration that lasts throughout the day. Enjoy our original flavor with the uplifting aroma of Wild Orange and Peppermint. Experience the scents of paradise with Ylang Ylang, Clementine,…