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One Word Diffuser Blends

New Year's Resolution Blends

This year, for 2020, Many people have opted to choose ONE WORD and scrap those resolutions that never last for more than a week or two.  Brilliant!!

You can focus on that ONE WORD all year long.  It can manifest itself in many different ways - and may mean something entirely different to you by the end of the year.  It won't be easy, and you will have to be very intentional all year long.  Write it on a posty note and put it in a visible place so you see it regularly.

How to Implement your One Word for 2020

You can sign up at ONEWORD365.COM to join the movement!   But it's not required.  Just make a mental note, or write it down in your journal, or somewhere visible.  Make it your phone background, screensaver, whatever works for you personally.

So, what's your word this year?  Feel free to share it in the comments so we can support each other.

Essential Oil Roller Blends for your One Word

To help you focus on your word this year, Here are a bunch of roller blends that to help you stay focused and emotionally set your intention.  See directions below on how to make a roller if you are new to this.  (it's easy!)

One Word New Years resolutions essential oil roller blends

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Directions to make a Roller:

It's super easy and only takes a couple minutes!

make your own doTERRA essential oil blends with these rollers.
  1. Get your empty rollers (I typically order them HERE from Amazon and have them in a day or two)
  2. Grab your carrier oil (again - Amazon is your friend for this.  Here's my fave)
  3. Grab your essential oils. (Get your starter kit here)
  4. Add the essential oils to your empty roller bottle.  Just let the correct number of drops fall into the bottle.  Don't worry too much if you get too many drops.  It happens.  It's not the end of the world.
  5. Once all your oils have been added, top off the roller with your carrier oil
  6. Last - pop the roller onto your roller and gently shake it to mix everything up.

To Use: 

Apply the roller to your spine, wrists, neck, bottoms of the feet throughout the day.

I choose to use doTERRA essential oils.  They are the purest, highest quality and only brand I trust to use on myself and my family.  Find out Why I Love Them HERE. It's not just for their fabulous oils!

The cheapest way to get doTERRA is with a starter kit which start at only $55.  Check out the how to save here or fill in your information in this quick form and I'll email you.

doTERRA healthy start kit with deep blue, onguard, lemon, lavender, digestzen, breathe, oregano, melaleuca teat tree, and frankincense, and the brevi diffuser

* Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click my links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons.  I have used and purchased all of these items myself and would never recommend something I haven't tried. I try my  best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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