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Aromatherapy diffuser blends for the month of March.

How to use these essential oil diffuser blends

  1. Choose the diffuser blend you want to use.
  2. Fill your diffuser to the fill line with water
  3. Add the drops of essential oils to the water in your diffuser
  4. Plug your diffuser in and press the start button.

What Type of Diffuser to Use

There are many choices when it comes to diffusers.  

The most popular are Ultrasonic Diffusers.  You can see the highest rated diffusers on Amazon here

essential oil diffuser on furniture with mirror on wall and houseplant

A common question that I get asked frequently is what size diffuser to buy?  The answer is it depends on the size of the room you’re planning on using the diffuser in.

Portable diffusers are also an option for in the car, or if you want to be able to place the diffuser where there isn’t an outlet available.  This diffuseris very popular, and is rechargeable.

Diffuser For a small room

For small rooms, you can use a smaller size capacity.  Look for one in the 150ml range.  I’ve used the diffuser pictured in my bathrooms for years, and am very happy with it.  I have it in basic white.  There are some beautiful wood options available.  If you can get it for under $18, that’s a great price.  Check the price on Amazon

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Diffuser For a Large Room

For Large rooms, you’ll want a diffuser with a larger capacity.  I recommend at least a 300ml capacity like the diffuser pictured below. There are even some diffusers that have a 500ml capacity.

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March Diffuser Blends

Here are several fresh and bright diffuser blends you can use in your home during the month of March. They can be used year round, of course. Not just during March.

March Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

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