Lift Me Up Body Spray

Use this all natural body spray any time you need a mood boost to help you get through your day!  This is a great all natural option to use in the morning after showering.  Just spray all over your body.  You can also use it in the afternoon to help get through that slump and push through the rest of the day.  It would also be great to use before going out at night to give yourself a boost of energy and lift your mood.  You can customize this spray to use any oils you like.

all natural essential oil beauty product

To make this spray, you’ll need a glass spray bottle.  You can get some inexpensive bottles from Amazon.  Check my Must Have Supply Page for a link to some.

  1. First,  add the drops of essential oils to your spray bottle.
  2. Next, fill the bottle with either witch hazel or plain old water.
  3. Last, Screw on the spray topper.

Super Easy!


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