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Take your garden to the next level

Organic Garden Journal & Planner

Use this journal year after year to have a thriving garden that produces yummy vegetables you can feed your family.

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Plan, Organize, Record!

16 Pages to help you plan your garden, use natural methods so that you have a thriving garden with healthy organic vegetables to eat.


Natural Pest Control

Refer to this checklist when you need organic ways to control various bugs and pests in your garden.


Natural Fertilizer Options

Refer to this checklist when you need natural ways to fertilize and nourish your garden.


Organic Garden Friendlies & Polinators

Refer to this list to learn what to plant to help your plants self pollinate and what garden friendly plants to use.


Build a polinator Garden

Learn how to build a garden that pollinates and produces plentiful vegetables.


Please the Bees

Refer to this to learn what to use and what not to use to make the bees happy. Bees are GOOD for your organic garden.


Garden Plans

Draw out your garden plans before you get started to optimize the space you have.


Gardening Tools, Suppliers, Costs

Record the best places to buy your tools, supplies and the costs for each so you will know in future years where to shop.


Beginner Friendly Veggies to Plant

Refer to this list and add your own easy vegetables to plant.


Container Planting

Refer to this list for helpful tips and tricks if you are planning a container garden.


Seed Logs

Keep a log of what seeds you planted and when so that you can transplant them into the ground at the perfect moment.


Companion Planting

Refer to this list to know what companion plants go well together so that your plants will be healthy and happy.


Garden Chores List

Keep track of garden chores so that you don't forget anything important.


Notes / Journal

Use these bland journal and notes pages to record important information about your garden to refer back to in future years.


Garden Pics

Kind of like a scrapbook for your garden. Take polaroids and paste them into your journal.


Garden Doodles

Blank doodle pages to spark your creativity.


16 pages of tips, tricks, checklists, & planners

Record what works and what doesn’t , use the tools checklists, use the lists of natural fertilizers, natural pest control, seedling transplant checklists, plan your garden layout, record pics of your garden, and more so that you can have a thriving garden year after year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a physical journal mailed to me?

This is for a digital download that you print on your own home printer.  No physical item will be mailed.

How do I get access to the download?

You will get access instantly. As soon as your payment processes, you will be able to download your file from the links provided on the order confirmation page.  You will also receive an email with access to the download.

What format is the file?

The file is a PDF file and can be viewed by any PDF reader such as Adobe. Most browsers will also display the file (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari).  You can print the file to your home printer from any of these programs. 

What is your return policy?

There are no returns on digital products.  All sales are final.

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