My Favorite Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

The temperatures are finally dropping and it’s starting to feel like fall. 

I absolutely love the scents of fall, but something I am not a fan of is the chemical scent that can come with them.

Candles, plug-ins, and wax melts can give off toxic fumes that are unhealthy and usually have an artificial smell to them.

Here is a simple solution! Try this yummy essential oil diffuser blend for a healthier alternative.  

Looking for an essential oil diffuser?  

diffuser with lavender crop

You can get one in one most of the starter kits, or find some doTERRA brand favorite diffusers right here on my web site.

Fall is in the Air Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

All Natural Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blend with Wild Orang, Clove, and Cinnamon from doTERRA

Do you have a favorite fall diffuser blend?  Share it with us in the comments!

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Dawn discovered essential oils about 10 years ago to support her then 4 year old son who was struggling to manage a respiratory condition. She then learned how to use essential oils for everyday natural remedies for her family, and has helped hundreds of women incorporate essential oils in their lives to live a healthier, more holistic lifestyle using natural products and essential oils.

Dawn has earned an aromatherapist degree and has earned a doTERRA essential oil specialist certification which is a fancy way of saying she has learned a lot about the chemistry of essential oils and how they work in the body.

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