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Essential Oil Face mask Spray Recipes

clean & santize your mask, make it easy to breathe, reduce stress and anxiety with an essential oil face mask spray recipe


Use one of these face mask essential oil spray recipes to calm down anxious feelings about wearing a mask, open up your airways to make it easier to breathe while wearing a mask, or even help mask that bad breathe.












Next, Add Essential Oils to Your Face Mask






DIY Custom Spray Recipes to make for your mask

1 oz Fine Mist Sprayers

Grab a pack of some cute spray bottles like these 1 oz fine mist sprayers that come in either silver or gold.

Facemask Essential Oil Spray Recipes

Stank Breath

(Fresh Breath)

5 drops each:




Take It Easy


5 drops each:



Shields Up


5 drops each:


Tea Tree



Is it 2021 Yet?


5 drops each:




Deep Breaths

(Respiratory/Open Airways)

5 drops each:



Wild Orange

Facemask Refresher Spray

You can also make this Facemask Refresher Spray to use on your facemask in between wearings. 

This mask spray recipe calls for a 2 oz spray bottle.  

Add 10 drops of each oil and top it off with water.  

This is a good option if you don't have time to wash your mask before wearing it again.

use this essential oil spray on your face mask in between wearings

How to Use Your Face Mask Essential Oil Spray

Once you have your face mask spray ready to go, it's very simple to use it. 

Give the inside of your spray one or two spritzes, and that's it!  If you have sensitive skin, you may want to spray the outside of your mask instead of the inside so that the essential oils don't make contact with your skin.

Final thoughts on using a Mask Spray

While using a mask isn't our first choice, we can make it easier to bear by using a pleasing essential oil spray.  

Choose a spray for your needs, or even make one of each and keep them in a cosmetics bag in your purse.  You can pull one out and use it as needed.  

Just be sure to wash your hands or spray with OnGuard Hand Sanitizer so that you aren't getting germs on your mask.

Which is your favorite spray?  Comment below

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