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Salt Scrubs are an excellent form of self care. When used with all natural ingredients and essential oils, salt scrubs can relieve stress, inflammation, sore muscles, and exfoliate skin so you look fabulous during the summer months.

This article has 5 different easy DIY salt scrub recipe ideas including a base salt scrub recipe that can be adapted and used with a variety of different essential oils.

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Benefits of Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs are great because they use all natural ingredients, but they also provide exfoliation. This helps to remove dead skin cells, which leaves behind soft and silky skin. This is just the skin you want to have in the summer when you tend to wear short sleeves and shorts, not to mention when you wear your swimsuit at the beach or pool.

When making a salt scrub, we use Epsom Salt, which has many benefits. Sugar scrubs are popular, but there’s no benefit to our bodies in using sugar. And you’ll likely end up with ants in your bathtub or shower. No one needs that.

Epsom salt is a natural mineral compound that is made up of magnesium and sulfate, which are essential for detoxifying the body.

Epsom salt baths are a great way to detoxify your body and they can also help with muscle aches and pains. They work by drawing toxins out of your skin, which makes them feel better when they have been in the bath for about 15-20 minutes.

It has many benefits to our body, such as:

  • relieving muscle pain
  • detoxify the body
  • reducing inflammation
  • improving skin health

Epsom salt can be used in many ways. For example, it can be used as a bath additive to help relieve muscle pain or as a foot soak to reduce inflammation and help relieve pain. In this article, we’ll be going over ways to use it for our skin – specifically in salt scrubs.

Epsom salt is easy to find in most stores. You’ve probably even seen it. Dr. Teal’s is a well known brand.

When buying Epsom salt for your DIY Salt Scrubs, I can’t emphasize enough getting UNSCENTED Epsom salt. If you buy scented, such as Lavender, you are getting a product that has additives like fragrance. You don’t know where that fragrance has come from, and I can pretty much guarantee, it’s not a high-quality essential oil.

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Dr. Teal does have an unscented Epsom Salt, so be sure to get that one if you are in the store. It’s likely next to a Lavender scented one. Don’t get that one.. You can find Dr. Teal’s Unscented Epsom Salt here.

I also like this Organic Epsom Salt. (Dr. Teal’s isn’t organic but it is made in the USA which is always good).

How to Store Your Salt Scrub

There are a few options for storing your DIY Salt Scrub.

The first is to repurpose an old container from a store bought product. Be sure to thoroughly wash it with mild soap and water. Don’t use a harsh scrubber that could scratch it if it’s plastic.

The second is to buy a reusable jar. I prefer glass jars since they don’t contain any toxins that can leach into the salt scrub. This is especially important when working with essential oils. They can break down plastic over time. Having said that, there are a few plastics that are safe for essential oils. Look for PET, (plastics number 1) if you are going to use a plastic container. This will be a symbol stamped into the plastic on the underside of the container.

A simple glass mason jar will work for your scrub. You may already have one, but if not, they are inexpensive to buy. I like to get one that has an easy resealable lid such as this one.

This glass mason comes in a set of 4 so you can make a few different scrubs or use the extra jars for food storage or perhaps make this DIY Whipped body butter and use one of the jars to store your body butter.

How to use a salt scrub

using salt scrub to exfoliate skin

Using your salt scrub is easy.

There are 2 main ways you can use your salt scrub.

  1. Use it as a bath soak. Add 1 – 2 Tablespoons to your warm bathwater and let it dissolve. Then soak in the tub for 15 – 20 minutes
  2. Use it 2 – 3 times a week in the shower. Here’s how:

Cleanse the skin on your body and face with a weekly scrub. When using a body scrub, start at your feet and work towards the heart, this helps eliminate toxins. Doing it in the opposite direction will push the toxins back into your system. Use a very gentle facial scrub on your face and neck as these areas can be easily damaged.

You may like to use a hard body brush to apply your scrub. These have the added benefit of extra exfoliation because of the stiffer bristles. And maybe I’m just being high maintenance, but I feel like the salt hurts the palms of my hands. So I like to use either a washcloth or brush to apply my salt scrub.

A brush like this one works well, or you can use a mitt like this one.

Salt Scrub Recipes

1. Lavender Salt Scrub

lavender 1

When it comes to salt scrubs and beauty care products in general, lavender is almost always at the top of the list. With this salt scrub, you can use lavender essential oil, which provides relaxation and other benefits, but also smells beautiful.

You want to have a carrier oil as well, like coconut oil or jojoba oil, along with some Epsom salts.

You can also add more scents that you feel compliment the lavender, like lemon or rose.

The scrub is easy to make and just requires adding the oil and essential oils to a bowl of Epsom salts, mixing it well, then storing it in a container.

To add a nice touch, you could even add a bit of dried lavender flowers to your salt scrub. This looks so pretty and makes a nice gift!

2. Charcoal Salt Scrub

Activated charcoal is being used in many DIY beauty products because it is so good for you and your skin. You can also use it to make a salt scrub for soft, silky skin that is ready for summer.

bowl of activated charcoal powder with a wooden spoon

For this salt scrub, you need the following:

  • some activated charcoal in powder form such as this highly rated activated charcoal,
  • sea salt or Epsom salts,
  • olive oil (you can also use liquid coconut oil),
  • and essential oils of your choosing – for example, Wild Orange, Lavender,

If you don’t mind not having scent, you can leave out the essential oils.

3. Tropical Salt Scrub

The tropical salt scrub is perfect for the summertime. It will exfoliate your skin naturally, but the scents remind you of summer.

The base for this salt scrub is coconut oil and either sea salt or Epsom salts. You can then add in some tropical essential oils of your choosing, like coconut or grapefruit.

Add in some lime juice or lime essential oil as well to give it a little something extra for the season.

4. Rose and Coconut Salt Scrub

rose petals and a woman's hand scooping out some diy rose salt scrub from a jar

This one also uses coconut, but adds in some rose essential oil for a romantic feel and a pretty, light scent.

You can use your preferred form of salt, such as sea salt. You can even go with Pink Himalayan sea salt.

Add in some coconut oil that is melted, and your rose essential oils.

Combine it and store it in a container with an airtight lid.

Base DIY Salt Scrub Recipe can be used for many different recipes

5. Champagne Salt Scrub Recipe

This Champagne salt scrub recipe doesn’t have champagne in it. It’s just called that because it’s so amazingly and wonderfully calming – just like champagne!

wooden bowl with essential oils and epsom salt scrub

DIY Champagne Salt Scrub with Essential Oils

Recipe to make a basic Salt Scrub. The salt scrub recipe can be easily used to make many different salt scrub recipes. The "champagne" recipe is a fantastic calming recipe that is wonderful to use before bed.
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  • 1 glass jar with sealing lid to store your salt scrub



  • mix all ingredients until well combined
  • store in a glass jar
  • To use: rub mixture over body with a washcloth or brush. Avoid the eyes. Leave on for several minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


This recipe can be used as a base recipe for all of your DIY salt scrubs.  Just change out the salt to whatever type of natural salt you want to use, and change out the essential oils.  Use a total of about 20 drops of essential oils when making a salt scrub.

image of detox salt scrubs in bowls with text 5 diy detoxifying salt scrub recipes

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