Individual Oil Education

2) Lavender For the Skin

Lesson 2

One of the amazing benefits that Lavender provides is wonderful skin support.

Apply Lavender topically when:

  1. You need to remove a splinter. Lavender can help support drawing the wood out of your skin. Apply one drop to area of concern.
  2. You have a cut or scrape. Apply one drop of Lavender to involved areas.
  3. You need support for healthy skin – Lavender can reduce appearances of blemishes, scars, or occasional acne. Gently rub one drop directly on area of concern. Can dilute with carrier oil if needed.
  4. You have rough, itchy, dry, or bleeding areas of concern on your skin. Combine one drop of Lavender with coconut oil, unscented lotion, or a topical cream of choice. Apply liberally.
  5. You have areas of dry or chapped skin. Apply one drop directly on area. Massage in gently.
  6. Your skin has come in contact with something hot. Apply one drop to area to help the skin heal quickly and provide a bit of pain relief.

So which of these ways would your skin love the most?