Individual Oil Education

How to purchase doTERRA for the lowest price

Lesson 11 Module 2

There are two ways to purchase doTERRA essential oils.

1) Retail Price. 

 This is expensive. No one does it.

2) Wholesale

A wholesale account is the lowest cost way to get doTERRA oils.  The wholesale price is a minimum of 25% lower than retail and can go up to 55% lower than retail.

  • There are never any purchasing requirements 
  • There are no monthly minimums
  • There are no selling requirements
  • There are two ways to get a wholesale membership. 
    1. Pay a low, one time membership fee.  This costs much less than a Costco membership.
    2. Get yourself a starter kit and the membership fee is waived.  This is what I recommend as long as your budget allows it and the oils in the kits meet your needs.   Click here to see the kits

When you purchase your kit through me, you gain access to my membership site, any time you need it support from me regarding how to use your oils, what oils to use, etc. Plus you'll receive a special bonus package from me as a thank you for purchasing through me.