homemade all natural bug spray with doterra essential oils that is safe for kids

DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray

Homemade DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray and Mosquito Repellant This DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray is an effective, natural mosquito repellent that leaves out the nasty chemicals.  No DEET necessary.   And – this Bug spray is safe for every member of the family, including kids! No matter the activity, everyone should keep this DIY essential …

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hot to make bug spray with essential ils safe for kids and works. glass spray bottle with bug sticker
how to make your own natural throat spray with honey and doterra essential oils including onguard

DIY Throat Spray

Use this all natural DIY sore throat spray with honey and essential oils anytime you, your husband, or your kids gets that raw, itchy feeling in the back of your throat.

The essential oils and honey will help soothe the pain, and will get to work to boost your body’s immune system and your throat will be feeling better in no time!

homemade sore throat spray to heal with essential oils and hone
Throat Chakra Essential Oil blend

Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend

Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend Balance your Throat Chakra with this essential oil blend of Lavender, Sandalwood, Siberian Fir, and Spearmint. When your  Throat Chakra  is out of balance or blocked, you feel shy, have a weak voice, a fear of speaking, unable to listen, find yourself lying, and suffer from arrogance.   You may …

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doterra essential oil blend to balance the throat chakra
essential oil diffuser on furniture with mirror on wall and houseplant

Aromatherapy Wellness Diffuser Blends

Essential Oils have been known as natural remedies since ancient times. People use them to treat various ailments such as headaches, colds, coughs, skin conditions, digestive problems, etc Diffusers are often used to promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance sleep quality. In addition, diffusers can be used to promote healing and prevent illness. …

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23 diffuser blends for various ailments and to help you stay healthy
4 ways to lose weight with doterra slim and sassy essential oil

4 Ways to Lose Weight with Essential Oils

Learn how to Lose weight with doterra essential oils. This cellulite wrap, scrub, and roller blend will boost metabolism, reduce cellulite, and prevent cravings.

Use doTERRA Essential Oils such as Slim and Sassy metabolic blend to suppress appetite, curb cravings, speed up metabolism, and reduce cellulite
Zodiac Essential Oil Blends Watercolor Blue Background with the Zodiac Star Signs

Essential Oil Zodiac

  Essential Oils for Your Zodiac Sign Look up your Zodiac Sign to determine which essential oil you are best matched to.   Use the essential oil topically, internally, or diffuse into the air in your home to receive the benefits tailored to the specific character traits of each zodiac sign and the emotional benefits …

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zodiac clock in background with gold essential oil dropper
woman's hands in prayer position with purple crown chakra symbol and text Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend I Understand

Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend

How to Use Essential Oils to Balance Your Crown Chakra Balance your Crown Chakra with this essential oil blend of Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, and Frankincense. When your Crown Chakra is out of balance or blocked, you can feel disconnected spiritually, and experience negative physical symptoms.   This essential oil blend can help you …

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Balance your crown chakra with this essential oil blend of ginger, ylang ylang, frankincense, and roman chamomile essential oils from doTERRA
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