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Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend

Balance your Root Chakra with this essential oil blend

Balance your Root Chakra with this Essential Oil blend featuring Geranium, Cinnamon, Wild Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Patchouli.  There are 7 major chakras, or energy sources in our body.  Each chakra represents a different part of our body and emotional well being.  Accordingly, when these chakras are balanced,  we reach a place of balance between spirit, […]

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Mojito Diffuser Blend

doterra essental oils mojito

Mojito Essential Oil Diffuser BlendCoast into the weekend!  While you’re waiting for 5:00 to come around, this is the next best thing. Uplifting and Refreshing!  Perfect for getting you through your Friday.   Enjoy the immune system boosting benefits of Lime, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, and Spearmint essential oils.  Don’t have spearmint?  That’s OK, use Peppermint […]

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Diffuser Blends for Sleep

Diffuser Blends for Sleep Sleep better at night by diffusing these calming, sleep inducing essential oil diffuser blends. All of the essential oils in these blends are specifically chosen for their ability to calm the mind and body. I keep a diffuser next to every bed and on every nightstand in my house.  I let […]

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Summer Diffuser Blends

Summertime Essential Oil diffuser blends with doTERRA

Summer Diffuser BlendsHere’s a collection of Summer Diffuser blends for every mood.   These will make your home, or workplace, or even your car smell fantastic without the use of synthetic air freshener sprays like Febreeze.  Did you know those only mask odors and are very unhealthy?  Especially if you have anyone in the home that […]

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May Diffuser Blends

May Diffuser Blends Enjoy the last few days of May with these delicious smelling diffuser blends!   Would you like to purchase any essential oils to use in these diffuser blends?  Click here for more info on purchasing doTERRA essential oils from me.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day diffuser Blends

Happy Mother’s Day To All Amazing Moms!  Here’s some diffuser blends to help you celebrate your day!   Need to purchase oils for these diffuser blends?  I can help you get the best price.  Click here to purchase

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Hump Day Diffuser Blends

doterra hump day wednesday diffuser blends essential oil

Hump Day Diffuser BlendsWith Printable! scroll down to print You’ve made it halfway through the week.  It’s Wednesday and there’s just a few days left before the weekend!  Here’s some non-toxic ways to help you get through the rest of the week. There’s something for every part of your day.  Need to relax? Energize? Unwind? Renew? […]

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