Learn how to use copaiba with this list of 35 ways to use doTERRA Copaiba Essential Oil

35 Ways to Use Copaiba Essential Oil

Learn the benefits of and  how to use Copaiba essential oil. Copaiba essential oil comes from a fragrant tropical tree that is native to South America.Copaiba can help soothe anxious feelings, and support the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, immune, and respiratory systems.* For hundreds of years, traditional healers in Brazil have used Copaiba trees for their …

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How to use Rose Essential Oil for health benefits

32 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is known as the “Queen of Oils”.    Rose is one of the most precious and sought-after essential oils in the world.  Rose oil is highly sought after for its aroma and powerful topical and emotional benefits.The blooming floral aroma is comforting and Rose oil, used topically, helps promote healthy-looking skin.  Health …

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30 ways to use Black Pepper Essential Oil

30 Ways to Use Black Pepper

33 Ways to Use Black Pepper Essential Oil doTERRA Black Pepper essential oil is a warm and versatile essential oil.Black Pepper oil aids in the wellness of multiple body systems including immune, circulatory and digestive systems.   It has been used since antiquity both for it’s flavor as a spice, and it’s health benefits. The …

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