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DIY Linen Spray (a.k.a. Sleepy Time Spray)

diy linen spray to help you sleep better . Made with lavender or doTERRA serenity essential oil

Fall asleep quickly and easily with this DIY Linen Sleepy Time Spray made with your choice of either Lavender or doTERRA Serenity essential oil. The linen spray super easy to make, and is so amazing to use just before bed. Your sheets and pillow will smell heavenly and will relax your mind and body to help […]

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DIY Purifying Cleaning Wipes

Ingredients12 Thick and durable paper towels1 cup boiled and slightly cooled water1/2 cup white vinegar1/4 cup rubbing alcohol5 drops lavender essential oil5 drops lemon essential oilDirectionsCut paper towels in half and stack into a neat pile.  Roll up and stuff into a quart size wide mouth jar or large zip lock bag.  Mix ingredients and […]

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Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Sleep.  A challenge for so many people.  I can be dead on my feet, but the second I get in bed, my mind goes into overdrive and I start rehashing every little detail that happened during the day, and all the days prior.  Next, I worry about all the things happening in the days to […]

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Essential Oil Tips For Beginners & Experienced Users

Safety is often overlooked when getting started with essential oils.  Even experienced oil users need to stay educated on safe usage.  For example, did you know that the use of the term “100% pure essential oil” is not regulated? Frequently, the oils found in supermarkets and drugstores will have the term “100% pure” printed on […]

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Heat Things Up For Valentine’s Day (Or Any Date Night)

doterra essential oil diffuser blend by desert naturals

Date Night Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Essential Oils have been used throughout history to increase sensuality and passion by helping provide a soothing, calming ambiance, relieve emotion exhaustion, and even increase libido. The essential oils in this blend are all beneficial at improving emotional balance by calming the mind, and reducing anxious feelings.  A balanced […]

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Chemical Free DIY Fabric Softener

Are you looking for a natural alternative to fabric softeners?  Do you avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets?    I haven’t used either for years.  When my first child was born, I made a decision to avoid detergents and softeners that had synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals. They irritated his sensitive skin.  So, I made […]

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  • January 31, 2017

Beat the Blues

Have you been feeling down lately? It’s that time of year where many people are starting to feel “blue”. Holiday bills are arriving, the Christmas spirit has left, New Years Resolutions are already being broken, and the weather has been positively dreary for most people. I’m not so sure if “Blue Monday” is truly a […]

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