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32 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil

A list of 32 ways to use doTERRA Rose Essential Oil plus bonus DIY recipes

Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Rose Essential Oil is known as the Oil of Divine Love.     Rose essential oil holds a higher vibration than any other essential oil.   It is a powerful healer of the heart. Rose essential oil addresses the emotions of feeling constricted, heartbroken, wounded, loved, compassionate, healing, acceptance, and empathetic. Smell Rose essential oil […]

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Passover Diffuser Blends

Use these essential oil diffuser blends during Passover

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Passover tonight.    Here are a few essential oil diffuser blends to enjoy during Passover. Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Choose your essential oils carefully – most are not what they seem.Why doTERRA and not something from Amazon or Walmart?Did you know that most essential oils at drugstores are synthetic fragrance […]

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